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Top-Rated Political Keynote Speakers

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Politics and policy impact every organization in every industry in some manner. If you’re looking for expertise on the implications of current and future issues on your business, these top-rated political speakers engage audiences as they add context to their deep analyses of the current landscape, and relate their insights back to what matters most to you.

TV Personalities

Bring the experts that your audience will recognize from their TV screens to the big stage at your event. These anchors, correspondents, hosts, and contributors have a knack for articulating complex issues in a way that resonates with the masses.

  • Margaret Brennan, Moderator of CBS News’ Face the Nation & CBS News’ Chief Foreign Affairs, Correspondent
  • Jonathan Capehart, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist, Associate Editor for the Washington Post, and Television Personality
  • Major Garrett, CBS News’ Chief Washington Correspondent & Columnist at Large for National Journal
  • Ana Navarro, Political Contributor to CNN and Telemundo, and Co-Host of ABC’s The View
  • Kelly O’Donnell, NBC News White House Correspondent
  • Jake Tapper, Award Winning Journalist; Anchor and Chief Washington Correspondent, CNN
  • Chuck ToddNBC News Political Director, Moderator of Meet the Press from 2014-2023

Pollsters & Analysts

These widely respected nonpartisan analysts share keen insights and use data-driven insights to decode the intricacies of public opinion and electoral trends. Their in-depth understanding of voter behavior and the ever-changing political landscape equips them to provide invaluable insights that can inform and shape your event’s discussion.

  • Ronald Brownstein, CNN Senior Political Analyst, Senior Editor for The Atlantic, and Contributing Editor for National Journal
  • Charlie Cook, Renowned Political Analyst and Founder of the Cook Political Report
  • Nathan Gonzales, Editor & Publisher of Inside Elections with Nathan L. Gonzales and Election Analyst for CQ Roll Call
  • A.B. StoddardColumnist for The Bulwark
  • Amy Walter, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of the Cook Political Report with Amy Walter and Popular On-Air Political Analyst
  • David Wasserman, Senior Editor & Election Analyst, The Cook Political Report with Amy Walter; NBC Contributor


These thought leaders are known for engaging listeners with deep political analysis on their national podcast platforms, and have honed the art of combining information with entertainment to captivate and educate any audience.

  • Galen Druke, Podcast Host & Reporter, FiveThirtyEight Politics/ABC News
  • Roben Farzad, Journalist, Broadcaster & Host of Public Radio’s “Full Disclosure”
  • Sarah Isgur, Popular Media Personality for ABC News & The Dispatch, Political insider & Influencer, Legal Expert


Enrich your political event with the unmatched expertise and storytelling prowess that a top political journalist brings. These speakers have spent years on the front lines of reporting and are trusted names who bring a deep understanding of politics, and policy to any meeting.

  • Jonathan Martin, Politics Bureau Chief and Senior Political Columnist, POLITICO
  • Anna Palmer & Jake Sherman, Founders of Punchbowl News, Best-Selling Authors, and Former Co-Authors of POLITICO Playbook
  • April Ryan, Longest-Serving African American Female White House Correspondent in History, White House Correspondent for TheGrio, and MSNBC Political Analyst
  • Jim VandeHei & Mike Allen, Co-Founders of AXIOS and POLITICO


Hear directly from the people who have worked in the trenches of politics and bring those real-world experiences to the big stage. These well-respected politicians bring a wealth of knowledge and firsthand insights into the political arena, and provide a behind-the-scenes look of how decisions get made in Washington.

  • Paul Ryan, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives (2015-2019)
  • Mike Gallagher, U.S. Congressman (R-WI, 2017-2024), Former Intelligence Commander & Marine Veteran
  • Ken Buck, U.S. Congressman (R-CO, 2015-2024), Former District Attorney & DOJ Prosecutor
  • Haley BarbourFormer Governor of Mississippi
  • Doug Jones, U.S. Senator (D-AL) 2018-2021, Former U.S. Attorney
  • Terry McAuliffe, Former Governor of Virginia and Former Chairman of the DNC
  • Rob Portman, U.S. Senator (R-OH, 2011-2023), Former Director of the Office of Management and Budget & United States Trade Representative
  • Patrick Murphy, 32nd Under Secretary of the Army, America’s First Iraq Veteran in Congress, Wharton Lecturer
  • Patrick ToomeyU.S. Senator (R-PA) 2011-2023; Ranking Member, Senate Banking Committee; Member, Finance Committee, Budget Committee, and Joint Economic Committee


These individuals have navigated the intricate corridors of power and offer unparalleled perspective into the inner workings of government and campaigns. They share insights and anecdotes gained form their experiences as advisors, strategists, and policymakers to keep audiences informed and help them connect the news of the day to their organizations and communities.

  • Stephanie Cutter, Legendary Political Strategist, Founder of Precision Strategies, and Former Deputy Campaign Manager & Senior Advisor to President Obama
  • Josh Earnest, Former White House Press Secretary, Chief Communications Officer for United Airlines, & Well-Known Political Commentator
  • Nicolle Wallace, Political Analyst, New York Times Best-Selling Author, and Former White House Director of Communications
  • Donna Brazile, Renowned Political Strategist and Commentator, Former Interim Chair of the Democratic National Committee


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