Mark Bowden

Expert in Body Language, Human Behavior & Communication
Mark Bowden
  • World renowned body language expert and best-selling author
  • Tailored, unique keynotes fuse behavioral science, skills training, and humor to help leaders and sales professionals around the world
  • Shares the simple but powerful verbal and non-verbal techniques that create the most influential and persuasive communication in crucial business situations

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Voted Global Gurus #1 body language professional in the world, bestselling author, founder of communication training company TRUTHPLANE, and co-host of the YouTube sensation The Behavior Panel, Mark Bowden is a world-renowned thought leader in body language and communication. Passionate about helping people to express themselves as trustworthy, credible, influential and persuasive communicators, Mark’s keynote speeches and training courses empower audiences across the planet with presentation and strategic communication skills for peak performance and productivity, to stand out, win trust and gain credibility every time they speak.

Inspirational, energetic and entirely entertaining, Bowden’s keynotes delve into the neuroscience behind how we react to the behaviors of others, and how to use our own behavior and nonverbal communication to win trust, gain credibility, and reach our potential. His talks prove game changing for audiences across all industries and sectors, helping them upskill their presentation and communication practice, improve performance, positively impact others in their organizations, build relationships, drive business growth, attract and win clients as well as retain employees. He is exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau.

Bowden’s communication skills training company TRUTHPLANE®, provides live in person and virtual training for groups and individuals, as well as online self-directed training programs. Clients include business leaders of Fortune 500 companies, prime ministers of G7 powers, and leading brands such as Madison Square Gardens, Shopify, Real Madrid, Toyota, KPMG, American Express, the US Army, and NATO. Bowden is also the trainer on how to be more effective in virtual communication, working with the senior leadership and salespeople globally at ZOOM.

A bestselling author, Bowden’s books on body language and human behavior include Winning Body Language; Winning Body Language for Sales Professionals; Tame the Primitive Brain; and Truth and Lies: What People are Really Thinking. Bowden’s highly acclaimed TEDx Talk “The Importance of Being In-Authentic,” on how to use your body language to reach your true potential, reaches and motivates millions of people.

In the media Bowden is a go-to commentator on the body language of leading politicians and public figures, regularly featured on CNN, CTV, CBC, and Global News; and quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and GQ Magazine. In his YouTube show The Behavior Panel, Bowden and fellow panelists analyze the body language and human behavior seen in videos of public figures, politicians, celebrities and infamous names in the world of “true crime”. With close to 1 million subscribers and over 100 million views on YouTube, The Behavior Panel appears regularly on as well as national and international news.


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Speaker Video

Mark Bowden: Body Language That Gets Results

Mark Bowden: Your Virtual Social Responsibility

Mark Bowden: Using Body Language To Win Trust & Gain Credibility

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Mark Bowden: The Importance of Being Inauthentic

Become A Better Communicator In 2 Minutes With Mark Bowden

PEAK PERFORMANCE: Your Human Advantage in the AI Age — Maximize Your Trust and Credibility, Build Connections and Perform at Your Peak. We humans have seen thousands of years of revolutionary technologies, along with two ice ages; and yet, the human body and our feelings have remained unchanged. So, do we really think that AI will freeze us out?  Artificial Intelligence will streamline many tasks, but it will never replace our fundamental need for human connection or the benefit of having interpersonal skills. The future of work and top performance belongs to those who take advantage of the time and space this new technology will provide us to maximize our human connections - and they’ll give people more time to work out who they can really trust.

In this energetic and riveting keynote speech by world-renowned body language and communication expert Mark Bowden, audiences are empowered with human know-how to thrive in the future of work, to build trust and credibility around themselves, alongside AI and not in its shadow.

Bowden, in his inimitable energetic and motivational style shares his newest thinking alongside his fundamental skills to help you understand that while work adapts to the progress and change brought about by generative AI such as ChatGPT, working on our interpersonal communication skills is now even more essential. You will learn to:

  • Embrace and expand your understanding of how to use your nonverbal behavior to build, maintain and strengthen valuable relationships with clients and colleagues
  • Listen effectively and inspire action and confidence in yourself and others to face the future hand in hand with new technologies
  • Learn how best to show up, look and feel confident, build and sustain relationships
  • Always win trust and gain credibility, be influential and persuasive every time you speak


FUTURE OF WORK: The Hybrid Work World: Be Future Work Ready to Communicate, Connect and Collaborate. Famously energetic, motivational and vitally useful, world-renowned body language and communications expert Mark Bowden shares his top live and digital communication techniques and the science behind them to stand out, win trust and gain credibility, and get you and your organization performing in the hybrid work landscape.

Top takeaways include:

  • Ensure no person or great idea gets missed out by enabling the most effective collaboration in hybrid settings at every opportunity.
  • Learn how to show up in hybrid meetings in every setting looking confident, and armed with the right communication skills to build relationships, win trust and engage others, and maximize equity, positivity, collaboration and crucially sustainable performance.
  • Know the factors that cause people to feel disempowered in hybrid settings and how to countermeasure those to keep them motivated to perform at their best.
  • Learn new strategies to help sustain your teams, and keep them focused and optimistic while managing the complexities.
  • Learn better self-control, better navigation of the myriad of situations of the ever-changing future workplace, and ensure your optimal performance, productivity, and well-being.

This keynote will enable you to master effective techniques for influence and persuasion in every setting ... all delivered in Mark’s inimitable entertaining style. Make sure no great idea gets left behind.


LEADERSHIP: Winning Body Language for Leadership. As leaders, keeping in step with the changing rhythms of the workplace recently has certainly tested our flexibility, endurance, and challenged us to stretch our capabilities beyond expectation. How can we confidently keep in step to ensure we continue to stand out, win trust, gain credibility and motivate everyone to join us on the pathway towards growth and peak performance?

In this keynote, Mark Bowden inspires and educates leaders and future leaders with his top nonverbal techniques to ensure you always stand out from the crowd, show your trustworthiness and inspire others. Top trainer to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and prime ministers of G7 powers, Mark will enlighten your organization with these top takeaways:

  • Learn how some common non-verbal behaviors may be steering you away from strengthening the relationships you need most to reach full potential for you and your organization 
  • Win trust, build credibility, listen like a leader, be influential and persuasive to inspire action 
  • Experience and learn an accessible vocabulary to share within your organization that will encourage inclusivity, collaboration, and buy in 
  • Communicate in a style that is transparent, courageous, compelling and conversational.


SALES: Sell with Trust and Credibility. The most effective salespeople never appear to make any effort at all to win you over. They are natural, likable, clear, and consultative. They learn about your needs by asking intelligent questions and offer solutions that feel right.

In this compelling and interactive keynote designed specifically for sales professionals, communications expert and author of Winning Body Language for Sales Professionals, Mark Bowden will help your salespeople with his most accessible techniques of body language, to understand how they can build strong and lasting relationships, win and hold onto trust, gain credibility, be more consultative and become a trusted advisor to their clients. Bowden brings his world class non-verbal skills and techniques that add impact, power, and presence to sales communication, and teaches audiences how to best implement them at every meeting and presentation.


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