Best Review Yet for Tried-and-True Speaker


For years, Leading Authorities has worked with motivational speaker Erik Weihenmayer. But recently we got back one of the best client testimonials that we’ve seen. Erik is really at the top of his game. Here’s an excerpt (it was even longer than this!): 

I don’t know where to begin or where to end. The way Erik frames things, his ability to link stories and references together without losing the pace of the presentation. The breaks he takes to show us “art” in videos and pics which take your breath away. It’s all amazing. It’s inspiring.  Exhilarating. Touching. Pick the emotion, it’s there. I’m not sure words adequately describe.  

For me, I’m watching all of this and our sales force, like many, has ADD or ADHD. They can’t put their phones down. I scanned the room multiple times. Not one phone was being used. That may sound small but it isn’t. It’s remarkable.  

I had no less than 30 people come up to me and tell me they had been to 15 meetings, 40 meetings, etc and they all said this was hands down the best motivational speech they had ever seen. 

What was great was so many people also said (after they told me they feel entirely unaccomplished and inadequate in the face of knowing what Erik has done. These are funny discussions) that it really made goals in front of them or obstacles in front of them seem insignificant. Meaning sales goals.  

This meeting opened minds. It opened hearts. It reached and touched people. His weaving of humor into the presentation really disarmed people and made them comfortable and that’s a talent. If you cannot connect with this presentation, you’re dead inside. 

I had several people say we should just end the meeting now because there is now way to top that. Simply extraordinary.  

If you’re looking to book a motivational speaker this year, you cannot go wrong with Erik. To check his fees or a date, call 1-800-Speaker or chat live with our team now.

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