Bob Woodward Releases New Book Rage

Woodward's Book Rage

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Bob Woodward’s highly-anticipated book Rage (released Tuesday, September 15th) and its findings have taken the news cycle by storm and are generating a ton of hype. 


Woodward gives us an inside look into President Trump’s presidency through more than a dozen exclusive interviews with President Trump in his new book, Rage. The book provides us with a window into Trump’s mind as he faces a global pandemic, economic turmoil, and racial unrest. In 2018, Woodward released Fear: Trump in the White House, based on hundreds of hours of interviews with staff members of Trump's administration. Rage comes as the sequel to the #1 international bestseller, where readers learn about how President Trump reacted when he learned about the COVID-19 epidemic in January, personal letters exchanged between Trump and Kim Jong Un, and confidential documents from those closest to the president.

On Sunday, September 13th, in his first exclusive interview, Woodward shared more behind-the-scenes info from his news-making book, Rage,  including details from his final conversation with President Trump where he warned Trump, "It's a tough book." The interview took place on 60 Minutes and was conducted by CBS' Scott PelleyIf you weren’t able to tune in, Pelley summarized their conversation in this CBS News article.


Two-time Pulitzer prize-winning journalist and associate editor of the Washington Post, Bob Woodward gained international attention when he and Carl Bernstein uncovered the Watergate scandal in 1973. Since then, Watergate’s theme of secret government has driven Woodward’s tough but fair and non-partisan reporting. He pulls back the curtain on the inner workings of Washington; revealing in meticulous detail what’s really going on in the halls power. Have the lessons of Watergate been forgotten? Is the media doing its job? Woodward offers an historical perspective as only he can. Woodward has written about the last nine U.S. presidents and chronicled how the power of the presidency has evolved.



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