Brand New Speech from Top-Booked Wharton Prof.

Jonah Berger with his book "Invisible Influence"

We think that we make decisions by ourselves, picking which restaurants to go, what color car to buy, or what to name our children. But what if all of those decisions were subtly being made for us?

Wharton professor, top LAI speaker, and best-selling author Jonah Berger just released a new book called Invisible Influence. It delivers a fascinating look at the factors influencing our decision making. For instance, did you know that marathoners who wrote a goal down shed 7 minutes from their overall time compared to a control group that did not? Or that when you’re marketing a product, there’s an amount of “optimal distinctiveness”—a mix of familiarity and newness—that makes purchasers buy one product over another?

In a cool new speech, Jonah runs through all the ways you can “influence” your employees, consumers, association members, constituents, and even potential partners.

Jonah’s a great speaker and the new book is everywhere. Please keep in mind that his calendar will begin booking up very quickly. If you’re interested in Jonah, fill out the form below.

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