Business Strategist Takes Burning Man


Imagine for a moment bringing a Burning Man “burner” and a four-star general together to collaborate and learn. Is that even possible? Would they be able to see beyond their differences and uncover each other’s value? Many would scoff at this idea.

Ori Brafman, a business strategist, New York Times best-selling author and "burner", believes that this not only can happen--he's spent the last decade working with General Martin Dempsey to make the U.S. military more agile and adaptive--but must happen in a post-truth world. And it doesn’t end with burners and generals. Brafman and Dempsey hold that organizations also need to recognize the urgency of extreme inclusiveness with their teams, their partners, and their competition.

Brafman these ideas in his latest book, Radical Inclusion, co-authored with General Martin Dempsey, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Over Brafman's experiences in the business world and at Burning Man, and General Dempsey's experiences in over 41 years in military service, they came to the same conclusion: Radical Inclusion is the way--the only way--to grapple the implications in our rapidly evolving world. Turning the idea of radical inclusion to the business world with the question: how can companies create agile functioning networks that foster creativity and outcomes?

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