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Carla Harris Shares Her “Pearls of Wisdom”

Carla Harris Shares Her “Pearls of Wisdom”

At the 2019 Inspire Conference, Morgan Stanley Vice Chairman and Senior Client Advisor Carla Harris spoke with our attendees about her incredible career and her advice for anyone who wants to get ahead in work or in life.

Carla calls her hard-earned advice, created by grit and formed over time by resiliency, her “Pearls of Wisdom.” These are her unique and powerful pieces of guidance crafted over 35 years as an African-American woman on Wall Street.

High-energy and packed with personal stories, Carla’s talk moved our audience to become the best versions of themselves. Here are two of Carla’s “Pearls” that she talked about at Inspire 2019:

Pearl #1: Authenticity is Your Biggest Advantage

Carla is honest about how early on in her career, she was not always comfortable in her own skin. Trying to be like others, she would downplay those qualities that made her unique and one-of-a-kind. But as she learned by slowly opening up her true self to her coworkers and clients, your unique advantage is intricately tied to your authentic self. “No one can be you like you can be you,” Carla told our audience, sharing that you take yourself out of the game when you play it inauthentically and that people gravitate to people who are comfortable in their own skin. This creates a feeling of trust, and trust is at the heart of every successful relationship.

Pearl #2: You Must Be Comfortable Taking Risks

As with bringing your authentic self to the table, taking risks is something that many people are not comfortable with. But, according to Carla, it is essential that we all become more comfortable taking risks and even failing. As Carla explains, “Fear has no place in your success equation.” This is because fear leads to inaction and stagnation, which is totally incompatible with growth, change, learning, and succeeding.

Our audience gave Carla a standing ovation for her honest, real, and experience-driven insights on achieving success.

Carla Harris Shares Her "Pearls of Wisdom"


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