Celebrity Speakers from Shark Tank

Celebrity Speakers from Shark Tank

If you’re a “Shark Tank” fan, you know that the show just returned for its 12th season on ABC. We represent several of the “sharks” who bring celebrity status, energy, and highly sought-after business advice to events:

FUBU Founder and CEO: Daymond John

  • Entrepreneur, pioneer, and highly sought-after business author and speaker
  • Shares his rags-to-riches story of building a multi-million dollar company with $40
  • New book The Power of Broke explains why being desperate for success is a good thing                                           
  • Funny, engaging, and brings celebrity status to every event

OShares Investments: Chairman Kevin O’Leary

  • Founded The Learning Company, which was built from nothing and sold to Mattell for $4.2 billion a little over ten years later
  • Opinionated and incredibly smart take on current financial trends
  • Trusted contributor to CNBC, ABC News, and Good Morning America
  • Tailored speeches that mentor each audience—just as he does on TV


Founder of FUBU & Star of Shark Tank

FUBU founder and CEO Daymond John brings true celebrity status to events. He is the entrepreneur, pioneer, and television star of ABC’s Shark Tank and known as “the shark.” He has evolved from one of the most successful fashion icons of his generation to a highly sought-after business author and speaker.

Daymond shares his motivational rags to riches story (he built a multi-million dollar company and started a billion dollar industry with $40). Audiences walk away with business insights from one of the most celebrated investors of all time and feeling empowered to accomplish their dreams. His presentation is funny, engaging, and personal and features upbeat music, video, and photos of his life and celebrity friends. Watch highlights video:


Investor on ABC’s Shark Tank and Chairman, O'Shares Investments

As the son of a traveling international business expert, Kevin O’Leary, had the opportunity to live and be educated in Cambodia, Cyprus, Tunisia, Ethiopia, France, and Switzerland.

After completing his MBA, O’Leary founded Special Event Television, an independent production company that produced original sports programming such as The Original SixDon Cherry’s ­Grapevine, and Bobby Orr and the Hockey Legends.

O’Leary founded SoftKey Software Products—later called The Learning Company—in 1986. SoftKey was the first software company to apply the principles of consumer goods marketing to the software industry. SoftKey grew quickly as the price of personal computers declined and millions of American families began to buy software for education and entertainment. SoftKey soon became a catalyst of consolidation in the software industry, raising over $1 billion in financing and completing a series of aggressive acquisitions, including WordStar International, Spinnaker Software, Compton’s New Media, The Learning Company, Creative Wonders, the Minnesota Educational Computer Company, Mindscape, and Broderbund. By 1998, O’Leary’s company was the undisputed world leader in educational, reference, and home productivity software and the world’s second largest consumer software company, with annual sales over $800 million, 2,000 employees and offices in 15 countries. In 1999, Mattel acquired the company for $4.2 billion.


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