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November is over? Hard to believe we are close to the end of 2017. As we round out the year, here’s a look at some of the things our talent is working on now that we think will be big in 2018. A little tech, some politics, and a look at the future are in my predictions for the most-requested topics of 2018. Here’s a snippet of each.

Winning Awards
The incredible life-saving drone company Zipline has been all over the news lately and was recently awarded the INDEX design award. TIME magazine, citing the difference a 15-minute delivery of emergency blood can make (as opposed to the old standard of 3 hours), wrote an article that spotlights incredible and heart-wrenching stories of patients benefiting from this new technology. Zipline co-founder Keller Rinaudo also talked about his company’s innovative technology and methodology in this incredible new TED Talk—it’s 15 minutes that will inspire and amaze you.


What Are We Talking About?
Pretty much anything and everything except what is dominating today’s headlines. In a silly and refreshing podcast titled “Do We Have to Talk About Politics?”, former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino and Fox News Politics Editor Chris Stirewalt take on all manner of the everyday to avoid talking politics. They chat about cats, click bait, baseball, the NFL, and more before they turn to some serious political insight.


A Smart Offer Just for You
Executive Director of the Stanford Engineering Center for Disruptive Technology and Digital Cities Mike Steep is inviting friends and clients of Leading Authorities to Stanford’s Smart Cities Summit in February. The program explores how disruptive tech is transforming commercial markets, and how the collection of data will begin to transform entire industries. If you or your colleagues have interest in this insight into the future of the way we live and work, you can take advantage of a special 25% discount offered to LAI friends and clients. Just drop me a note and I’ll help you apply your discount.

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