Gen McChrystal: Best-Selling “Team of Teams” Book Out

Professional headshot of McChrystal next to the cover of his book "Team of Teams"

Top-booked leadership speaker General Stan McChrystal’s new book – Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World – is finally out. It is Amazon’s No. 1 new release and a New York Times best-seller. I'm anticipating a surge of interest for him on the lecture circuit, so I encourage you to check his fees and availability as early as possible.

McChrystal is the man who transformed JSOC into the agile network it is today, and he shows how any organization can replicate the process in order to take on the challenges of today’s world— and win. He gets nothing but rave reviews, and clients love his insights on:

  • Breaking down departmental silos
  • Working across departments
  • Mastering the flexible response that organizations need
  • Developing a “we” mentality
  • Fostering communication that strengthens ties and increases the bottom line
  • Creating small, effective, and adaptable teams

McChrystal is also an extremely popular influencer on LinkedIn. He just penned a fascinating new article on leadership and accountability: “Don’t Take Shortcuts, Even When No One Is Looking.”​

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