General McChrystal on Effective Communications


Last week, we had the chance to see General Stanley McChrystal speak once again. Each time we do, we are reminded why our clients rave about him. 

From his charismatic presence and easy command of the room to his dedication to events (meticulous testing of A/V equipment, highly-personalized anecdotes, willingness to attend dinners), McChrystal delivers 110%. He’s a fantastic storyteller who also works to weave real takeaways into his talk. When visiting with my team, he focused on tips for communicating effectively both above and below your chain of command. 

General McChrystal is currently working on a new book on leadership due out in 2018. The concept is amazing—it compares great leaders of the past and pulls out teachable moments from their lives. If you’re considering booking a leadership speaker for an upcoming event or conference in 2018, we highly encourage you to take a good look at General McChrystal. 

If you're interested in hearing more, please visit General Stanley McChrystal's speaker page or chat live with us now.

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