Great New Speech From Chris Fussell

Black and white professional headshot of Chris Fussell

Last week Navy SEAL Chris Fussell was the closing keynoter at the American Society of Association Executives’ 2017 Great Ideas Conference. We'd like to share a little feedback we received from a coworker about Chris’s speech, we think he would be a great fit for your 2017 events.

Chris is a partner at the McChrystal Group, co-author of the New York Times bestseller Team of Teams, and formerly General McChrystal’s right-hand man in Iraq. His speech was fantastic and he talked about the evolving world of business strategy through the lens of his experience as a SEAL, touching on:

  • The importance of teams being nimble and constantly breaking down silos to share information quickly (he used battlefield examples)
  • Why competence isn’t enough is the organization at large is broken
  • Why today’s teams need not only guidelines but also the freedom and support to adapt within those guidelines when faced with an evolving challenge
  • How leaders can change the narrative from “I am important” to “we are important,” which is critical for building trust

Chris went through models, frameworks, and organizational charts. He is an incredibly thorough and well-spoken combat veteran who will leave you with real takeaways tailored to you.

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