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Chris Fussell

President at McChrystal Group, Best-selling Author, Leadership Expert, and Former US Navy SEAL Officer
  • Former Aide-de-Camp to Gen. Stanley McChrystal during his final year leading JSOC
  • Former member of Seal Team Six (Naval Special Warfare Development Group)
  • Senior Fellow for National Security at bi-partisan think tank New America
  • Lays out a blueprint for breaking down silos and promoting cross-team collaboration
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LeadershipTeamworkDecision MakingCrisis ManagementCorporate CultureMilitary LeadersAuthors

Chris Fussell is a former Navy SEAL Officer and President at McChrystal Group, an elite advisory services firm that improves the performance of organizations by building adaptable teams capable of solving the world’s most complex leadership challenges. Fussell leads the McChrystal Group Leadership Institute, where he leverages his Special Operations experience and expertise in cross-functional collaboration to train leaders and build effective teams within large, dispersed organizations. In addition to being a New York Times best-selling author, he regularly does media interviews, gives keynote speeches, and presents to business leaders at roundtables and panels. Chris is the author of the new book, One Mission: How Leaders Build a Team of Teams, a follow-up to the best-selling book, Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement in a Complex World, which he co-authored alongside General Stanley McChrystal. One Mission aims to equip organizations with a game plan for building an agile and powerful team of teams completely aligned and moving towards the same goal.

Special Operations Background. Fussell was commissioned as a US Naval Officer in 1997, and spent the next 15 years on US Navy SEAL Teams, leading SEAL elements in combat zones around the globe. From war-torn Kosovo, to counter-terrorism operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, to highly specialized efforts in the troubled areas of the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa, Fussell experienced the modern evolution of the US military’s Special Operations community from a siloed bureaucracy struggling to keep up in a turbulent environment into an agile and effective network for counter-terrorism.

In his career as a Navy SEAL, Fussell served first on SEAL Teams Two and Eight, then in the Naval Special Warfare Development Group. During his time on the SEAL teams, he conducted and planned hundreds of operations against high value targets all around the world. He was then selected to serve as Aide-de-Camp to then-Lieutenant General Stanley McChrystal during General McChrystal’s final year commanding the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), where they served a year together in Iraq. As McChrystal’s right-hand man, Fussell was an integral part of team that made the Special Operations community’s transformation into a successful, agile network possible.

To combat Al Qaeda in Iraq, McChrystal and his team set out to create a flexible organization that could adapt to threats on the ground in real-time, much like its highly networked foe. McChrystal’s approach was to blend operations with intelligence in order to create a force that shared information and collaborated cross-functionally, breaking down the silos and tribal culture that previously existed. In his role as Aide-de-Camp, Fussell was responsible for executing this new system on a daily basis. He set up and ran Special Operations’ new communication and leadership systems, such as the daily Operations & Intelligence meeting that involved thousands of participants sharing information and experiences in real-time, across the world.

Network Theory Expert. In running JSOC’s new communication forums, Fussell developed his expertise in building fusion cells and knowledge centers. After returning from Iraq, he wanted to explore the academic angle underpinning this shift he had witnessed in warfare in order to understand the theory behind what he and his colleagues had done in practice in Iraq. Fussell went on to study Irregular Warfare from the Naval Postgraduate School, earning a Master’s Degree and receiving the Pat Tillman Award for highest peer-rated Special Operations Officer in the program. His thesis work expanded upon his JSOC experience with fusion cells, focusing on the interagency collaboration and intelligence sharing processes that drove effective, cross-silo collaboration during the peak of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Advising the private sector. In 2012, Fussell left the Naval Special Warfare Development Group in order to join McChrystal Group, an advisory services firm founded by General McChrystal. Fussell’s experiences as General McChrystal’s right-hand man at JSOC, coupled with his intensive academic study of network theory and practical experiences running fusion cells made him the ideal fit for driving the company’s efforts to bring their operating model to clients.

Fussell began his time at McChrystal Group working directly with clients, implementing the system he learned overseas in Fortune-500 companies. He then became Chief Growth Officer, where he identified the need for a dedicated McChrystal Group Leadership Institute. Fussell now runs the Leadership Institute—leveraging a staff of former special operators, military officers, business practitioners, and leadership development experts—to train leaders and teams to adapt and succeed in complex operating environments.

Non-profits and boards. Outside of McChrystal Group, Fussell serves as a Senior Fellow for National Security at New America, a Washington, D.C.-based non-partisan think tank dedicated to understanding the next generation of challenges facing the United States. He is also actively involved in several non-profits dedicated to helping veterans and their families, and holds a seat on the Board of Directors for the Navy SEAL Foundation. Fussell is a lifetime member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Media appearances and articles. Fussell has been interviewed by a number of outlets, to include MSNBC, FastCompany, and Big Think. He also makes regular contributions to Harvard Business Review and Fortune Magazine’s Leadership Network.

Engaging Speaker. Fussell’s blend of Special Operations experience, deep academic study, and private sector consulting make him a unique speaker and leading authority on building world-class communication systems that foster cross-functional collaboration in any organization.

In an engaging speech that can be tailored to all levels of an organization, Fussell weaves his disparate experiences together and presents a compelling tale for audiences, laying out the blueprint for how your company can break down silos and promote cross-functional collaboration. His experiences setting up cutting-edge communication systems in both the military and in large, globalized private-sector companies demonstrate the universality of the lessons he learned.

Organizations of all kinds all around the world are struggling to stay afloat in today’s turbulent environment, and Fussell’s approach holds the key to success. Listeners will be inspired to change the way their own company communicates and operates.

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