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Military Speakers For Veterans Day Events

by Maddie Donnelly
Veterans Day Graphic

Leading Authorities, Inc. speakers bureau represents some of the world's top military minds. From former commanders to US Navy SEAL's and top military intelligence officials, our military speakers are inspirational and provide battle-tested insights applicable to all industries.

Veterans Day is November 11th, here is the list of our outstanding military options to consider for your upcoming events and meetings this fall.

Military Speakers For Veterans Day

General Stanley McChrystal, Former Commander of US and International Forces in Afghanistan & Best-Selling Author

General John Allen, Former Commander of NATO & US Forces In Afghanistan

Dakota Meyer, Medal of Honor Recipient & Author of the New York Times best-selling book, Into the Fire

Jake Harriman, Former US Marine & Founder of Nuru International

Charlie Linville, Former US Marine EOD (Bomb) Technician

Michael Durant, Former Blackhawk Pilot, Prisoner of War, & The Real-Life inspiration For The Movie, Black Hawk Down

William McNulty, Former US Marine & Co-Founder of Team Rubicon US

Matthew “Griff” Griffin, Former US Army Ranger & Co-Founder/CEO of Combat Flip Flops

Greg Gadson, Disabled US Army Colonel



Former Commander of US and International Forces in Afghanistan & Best-Selling Author

The former commander of I and international forces in Afghanistan and the former leader of Joint Special Operations Command, McChrystal led the military’s most sensitive forces and revolutionized the way military agencies interact. Top-reviewed TED leadership speaker, General Stanley McChrystal inspires your team to bring their best selves to work every day. From his charismatic presence and easy command of the room to his dedication to events (meticulous testing of A/V equipment, highly-personalized anecdotes, willingness to attend dinners), McChrystal delivers 110%. His insights include leading by influence, relentless mission focus, and sharing a clear visionIf you are planning for 2018 leadership meetings aimed at increasing adaptability, building momentum, or crafting a new team of empowered leaders, General McChrystal is a top recommendation.


Former Commander of NATO & US Forces In Afghanistan

Personally appointed by President Obama as the first American to the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL, he is a fresh and thoughtful thinker on what’s happening in the world. What Gen. Allen does so well is translate how security challenges will likely play out while captivating audiences with powerful stories from his time leading the military. If your group is concerned with the major trends and power competitions that will influence business over the next generation, Gen. Allen offers an incredibly in-depth and thought-provoking speech that can also be hosted as a fireside chat with a CEO or a panel discussion. We highly recommend Gen. Allen for his professionalism, charisma, and ability to translate major issues into day-to-day takeaways for executive meetings.

Medal of Honor Recipient & Author of the New York Times Best-Selling Book, Into the Fire

Sergeant Dakota L. Meyer is a United States Marine Corps veteran and recipient of the military’s highest honor, the Medal of Honor. He is the New York Times best-selling author of the book, Into the Fire: A Firsthand Account of the Most Extraordinary Battle in the Afghan WarAfter risking his own life to provide cover for more than 30 soldiers during a battle in Afghanistan, Dakota Meyer was the first living US Marine to receive the Medal of Honor since 1973. His motivational talk draws on incredible stories and vivid visuals to energize audiences and impart lasting life lessons. In his presentations, he addresses inspiration, motivation, courage, leadership, believing in yourself, doing what is right, seizing opportunity, and what happened that day in Afghanistan. Meyer is a successful entrepreneur who also currently serves in the Individual Ready Reserve of the US Marine Corps Reserve.

Former US Marine & Founder of Nuru International

A visionary and innovator whose new approach to leadership has been recognized by the White House and the Dalai Lama, Jake Harriman’s story will make you want to get up and do something. He’s a former Marine Commander who founded a unique non-profit aimed at ending extreme poverty in war-torn areas. founded Nuru International, a non-profit dedicated to stopping the root of extremism abroad in war-torn areas: Poverty, after serving multiple tours in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. He developed a new hybrid model for NGOs while getting his MBA at Stanford, and inspires audiences with his incredible story of blending teamwork and innovative ideas to solve pressing problems. Run by fellow former Special Ops officers, Nuru International worked with the Obama White House to set up a new outpost in Boko Haram territory in Nigeria. Jake has combined his service as a Marine with principles learned in Grad school at Stanford to create an NGO that is committed to creating opportunities and local leadership in the world’s poorest communities. Jake talks about servant leadership, empowering a new generation of leaders, and restoring great American leadership.

Charlie Linville

Former Marine EOD (Bomb) Technician

Injured by a concealed IED while conducting a post-blast site sweep in Afghanistan, former US Marine, Charlie Linville, refused to be bound by his circumstances. His moving talk encourages audiences to stop saying “I can’t” and take the first step toward their goal—today. Charlie continues to challenge himself and defy the odds stacked up against him to this day. He was even the first combat-wounded veteran to summit Mount Everest. 

Michael Durant 

Former Blackhawk Pilot, Prisoner of War, & The Real-Life inspiration For The Movie, Black Hawk Down

Michael Durant was the pilot of Black Hawk helicopter Super Six Four that was fired upon and subsequently brought down during a combat operation in Mogadishu, Somalia, on October 3, 1993. Durant is a recipient of the Distinguished Service Medal, Bronze Star with Valor, Purple Heart, POW Medal, and has received many other prestigious awards and recognition. Durant's story is the subject of an acclaimed book and a major motion picture, Black Hawk Down. He tells the story of how he was overrun, captured, and held prisoner for 11 days after being shot down and a engaging in a horrific street battle. In keynote talks. Durant shares insights on surviving adversity, courage, leadership, growth, and adaptation.


Former US Marine & Co-Founder of Team Rubicon US

Team Rubicon US deploys teams of military veterans in response to natural disasters (and is now requested globally by name by first responders—on par with the Red Cross). William McNulty has led response teams in the aftermath of the decade’s worst disasters including Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. His talks are all about unlocking potential, building a purpose-driven culture, and turning challenges into opportunities. Before founding Team Rubicon, McNulty served for nine years in both the infantry and intelligence, and worked for the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and the National Security Council’s Iraq Threat Finance Cell. McNulty currently serves on the Board of Directors of Airlink Flight, Team Rubicon Australia, Team Rubicon Canada, Team Rubicon Norway, Team Rubicon UK, Team Rubicon USA, Team Rubicon Global, and the Advisory Board of the Truman National Security Project. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Learn more about William here

Matthew “Griff” Griffin

Former US Army Ranger & Co-founder/CEO of Combat Flip Flops

Matthew Griffin is a former member of the elite Army Special Operation Forces and the co-founder and CEO of Combat Flip Flops. Known for his moving TEDx talk and his successful appearance on Shark Tank—where he secured a deal with three sharks including Mark Cuban—he talks about why running a purpose-driven business is “harder and takes longer” but ultimately worth it because of the people they attract and the amount of good they are able to do. 

Greg Gadson

Disabled US Army Colonel 

Greg Gadson is a disabled US Army colonel who addresses teamwork and camaraderie in facing obstacles.

We regularly hear from clients who want to bring the energy and experiences of an elite Navy SEAL to their event. From keeping audiences engaged with heart-pounding stories, to moving groups to become the best version of themselves, our roster of Navy SEALs always delivers. Take a look at our full list of Navy SEAL keynote speakers to consider for your next event or meeting.

If you are interested in seeing more of the highly-respected and renowned military leaders and military-focused keynote speakers on our roster, you can view more of our top military speakers, or you can check out our full list of military speakers to browse through a more complete collection of the military leaders, brave war heroes, and courageous battlefield legends that we represent for speaking engagement.


If you have any questions or would like to speak with a member of our team about one of these top-rated inspirational and motivational military speakers, contact our team today!

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