Jason O. Harris

Decorated Combat Leader, Trust & Leadership Advisor, & Creator of No Fail Trust
Speaker Jason O. Harris
  • Decorated U.S. Air Force combat leader with 15 Air Medals, 11 combat deployments, and 470 combat missions flown
  • Creator of the acclaimed No Fail Trust™, a philosophy shared with clients such as PBS, Dish Network, Marriott, and The Broadmoor Hotel
  • Featured in Forbes and other national media; appears in 2021 PBS documentary, Hindenburg: The New Evidence
  • Applies unique combat experiences to facilitate No Fail Trust within organizations

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Lieutenant Colonel Jason Harris is a highly sought-after keynote speaker, best-selling author, expert thought leader, and professional pilot.

As a fourth-generation military member, Jason’s distinguished career in the US Air Force has spanned more than two decades. He has served (continuously) on active duty and currently as Squadron Commander in the Air Force Reserve Command. Since graduating from the United States Air Force Academy, he has flown multiple aircraft over the course of his career including 11 deployments with more than 2,000 combat hours and 470 combat sorties around the globe.

These high-risk combat experiences have all served as the launching point for his proprietary “No Fail Trust™” methodology. His proven methodology serves organizations and teams as a tool to empower executives and team members to foster an environment of mutual trust, responsibility, and productivity.

Lt. Col. Harris is an established, nationally recognized keynote speaker in the areas of Leadership, Corporate Culture, High Performance Teams and Psychological Safety. He has shared his expertise with numerous high-level associations and Fortune 500 companies including Cisco Systems, Caterpillar, Ford and Lockheed-Martin. Additionally, his insights have been featured in publications like Forbes magazine, multiple podcasts and, most recently, on a six (6) part docu-series airing on the History Channel.

While his impressive resume continues to grow with accolades, achievements and contributions, Jason Harris remains steadfast in his commitment to serve. Leveraging his experience and work alongside the most senior military leaders, Congressional Leaders and even the Vice President, Jason Harris’ mission is clear. To relentlessly dedicate himself and those he serves to develop a culture of commitment, accountability and trust.

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You Don’t Need a Title to Lead

Jason O. Harris: Building a Culture of Trust

Empowering No Fail Trust™ (for Leaders). Trust is the most critical tool that every leader needs to implement in order to lead an organization that can deliver on its brand promise. Lieutenant Colonel Jason Harris created the “7 Steps to No Fail Trust” as a way to empower executives and employees to create an environment of mutual trust, responsibility and productivity that allows organizations to thrive and exceed goals.

This leadership framework is based on a proven strategy that, by trusting your employees, you empower them to make the right decisions for your organization without requiring senior-level micromanagement. This ultimately leads to higher productivity and achievement. Lt. Col. Harris shares countless examples of how No Fail Trust was implemented throughout his military and civilian career to great effect, and the steps your leaders can take today to do the same.

Key takeaways include:

  • Leadership understanding how to empower their people.
  • Leaders understanding how to create actionable steps to create and build successful teams.
  • Team members understanding how to foster trust among the team.
  • Learning techniques that allow organizations to react successfully to everchanging and often unexpected conditions and challenges.

Creating Teams with No Fail Trust™ Ownership. For more than 20 years as a United States Air Force officer, mission commander, and special operations pilot, Lieutenant Colonel Jason Harris has led teams where failure was not an option. HOW? By providing the right training and process that empowered his crew members to own their roles and fully trust one another to deliver because failure to do so could be fatal. Lt. Col. Harris shares the stories and strategies of his No Fail Trust leadership framework with your front-line employees so that they too can leverage the power of trust to become high-performing individuals and create high-achieving teams. Lt. Col. Harris’ keynote provides the road map to creating an organization that is always prepared to handle whatever circumstances arise, make the best mutually beneficial decisions, and achieve self-actualized, fulfilled, and committed teams of employees.

Key Takeaways Include:

  • Action items to motivate and engage behaviors that demonstrate self-confidence.
  • Clarity on how to have better project ownership, collaboration, and productivity.
  • Strategies for creating an environment of safety, commitment, and morale at its highest levels.
  • Trust in one another to achieve peak performance.

Unconscious Bias and its Impact on No Fail Trust. Organizations that are able to achieve No Fail Trust™ are the ones best positioned to become industry leaders. No Fail Trust™ isn’t achieved overnight though, and, as with any goal you set out to achieve, there are sure to be challenges along the way. One of the most significant challenges impeding No Fail Trust™ is unconscious bias.

Lt. Col. Harris provides organizations with unconscious bias training in which he outlines examples, as well as how executives and employees can recognize and address their own unconscious biases, and the reasons why teams that fail to acknowledge their biases are unable to realize the full potential of No Fail Trust™ and its influences on trust, responsibility, productivity, and achieving goals.

No Fail Trust and the Future of Work. The ever-evolving workplace has added a new layer to No Fail Trust™ and the role it plays in an organization’s success. With teams now collaborating from the workplace and the homeplace, facilitating the blended environment of the mutual trust, responsibility, and productivity needed to thrive has become a greater challenge for leaders as they position their businesses for the future.

In this talk, Lt. Col. Harris discusses elements of hybrid and remote workplaces that impede in empowering team members and how leaders can overcome these hurdles to create an atmosphere where each person understands the mission at hand, is equipped with the tools needed to reach peak performance and is entrusted to make impactful decisions — no matter their location. As Lt. Col. Harris explains to groups, it starts with communication. He’ll demonstrate that when leaders, managers, and team members communicate effectively, they can lay the foundation for attaining the greatest level of No Fail Trust™ in any workplace.

The Right C.A.R.G.O. for Success Workshop (Available In-Person and On-Demand). People are an organization’s most important cargo. That’s why it’s essential for leaders to equip them with the tools they need to sustain the inevitable turbulence that they’ll encounter on their mission toward success.

As a follow-up to his discussions on No Fail Trust™, Lt. Col. Harris offers his customized C.A.R.G.O. workshop to groups seeking expert guidance on applying learnings from the presentation to their organization and an actionable roadmap for reaching their goals. Workshops are available in a variety of formats in which Lt. Col. Harris breaks down the elements of C.A.R.G.O. — creativity, access, responsibilities, goals, and opportunities — and how each one of these areas empowers No Fail Trust™ for high-performing teams. Working up close and personal with Lt. Col. Harris, you’ll gain a better understanding on the importance of trusting your people like your business depends on it and leave with a clear path forward to ensure all members of your organization are committed to a shared mission and in the best position to deliver the brand’s promise.

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