Jason O. Harris on Today's Top Leadership Trait: Trust

Jason O. Harris on Today's Top Leadership Trait: Trust

Leading air crews on life-altering “no-fail” missions for more than 20 years, new LAI exclusive speaker and U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Jason O. Harris is an expert motivator who groups look to when building a culture of trust and responsibility within their organizations. 

No Fail Trust™ Methodology

Drawing from his combat experience, Lt. Col. Harris empowers audiences with his “No Fail Trust™” methodology, designed to shed light on the invaluable talent each person brings to a team— from the 18-year-old high school graduate to the most senior member – and the importance of trusting their capabilities. 

As Lt. Col. Harris describes, while piloting his aircraft, if his loadmaster told him to “go around,” there was no time to ask “why?” — not in the heat of battle and when lives were on the line. He explains that by instilling the seven steps of No Fail Trust in his team, he already trusted each person to make mutually beneficial decisions to help the team reach its goals and keep out of harm’s way. This is because he had empowered them to do so. 

Helping Organizations Achieve Peak Performance

Lt. Col. Harris provides an introduction to No Fail Trust and its impact in helping organizations achieve peak performance in the video below: 

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