Innovators on the Keys to Growing 10x Faster

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Thought you might like these four speakers who deliver unique and customizable talks on innovation and exponential growth. Their presentations are enthralling—and get great reviews from audiences.

Mike Steep is an innovation expert who works with companies including Boeing, BMW, and Google to help bring disruptive ideas to life. As head of Global Business Operations at PARC Xerox, he has consulted on the world’s first electric airplane, autonomous cars, and revolutionary beauty products for P&G. At a time when many speakers are telling audiences about innovation, Mike tells you how.

Paul Zikopoulos is the VP of Big Data Analytics for IBM. Paul believes today’s competitive advantage lies in big data and says that every day companies walk by solvable problems, leaving opportunities untapped. He talks about making the leap from stagnant growth to incredible marketplace disruption with new technologies and data, and incorporates incredible visuals, like a hashtag aggregator that instantly creates examples of perfectly segmented consumers, live on stage.

Vivek Wadhwa is a Distinguished Fellow at Carnegie Mellon who has been called “Silicon Valley’s most provocative voice.” Formerly head of research at Singularity, he writes about technology for the Washington Post and focuses on industry-specific changes taking place as a result of rapidly advancing technologies including robotics, AI, synthetic biology, and 3D printing. Most recently, he wrote about his experience riding in a self-driving car.

Mick Ebeling is the CEO of Not Impossible Labs. A Wired magazine “Agent of Change” and two-time winner of the SXSW Innovation Award, his inspiring talks bring audiences to tears as he discusses his experiences 3D-printing arms for amputee children in Sudan and helping an ALS patient speak for the first time in years. Mick talks about how many modern conveniences were once considered impossible, and shares his firm belief that nothing is impossible.

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