Jeff Eggers On Redefining Leadership For the 21st Century


Last week, Jeff Eggers—former US Navy SEAL, Special Assistant for National Security Affairs, and Executive Director of the McChrystal Group Leadership Institute—spoke about leadership at a DC event for CEOs.

Packed with thought-provoking anecdotes, some based on historical figures, his presentation was a fast-paced dialogue about what leadership is, where it lives (with leaders or followers), and how leaders must evolve to account for modern times.


Having just returned from interviewing President Obama about leadership, Eggers’ insights were driven by his experiences in the Navy SEALs, in the White House, and by his conversations with leaders who have reached the highest levels of their chosen fields.

Eggers drove home the point that leadership is necessarily a paradox: Leaders have to be humble and strong, approachable, and bold.

Over the course of his talk, Eggers answered questions like:

  1. What makes a team “high-performing”?
  2. What leadership qualities draw the best performance out of followers?
  3. Who really chooses a leader’s leadership style?

Eggers is the author of a new book, co-authored with General Stanley McChrystal, about leadership. Due out in October 2018, the book is called, Leaders: Myth and Reality.

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