Jenny Radcliffe: People Hacker Hired to Breach Security Systems

Jenny Radcliffe: People Hacker Hired to Breach Security Systems

World-Renowned Social Engineer and People Hacker

She breaks into places and is an expert at tricking people into doing what she needs. But she’s no criminal. She’s Jenny Radcliffe, a world-renowned social engineer and people hacker. 

Likened to a Jedi Knight for her mastery in negotiation, persuasion, and influence, as well as her ability to seemingly read minds, companies hire Jenny to bypass their security systems through a no-tech mixture of psychology, con-artistry, cunning, and guile.

As security and scams become increasingly sophisticated, Jenny has become a sought-after voice at conferences, television and radio shows, and online media. Most recently, she shared her expertise on Darknet Diaries, an investigative podcast chronicling true stories about hackers, breaches, shadow government activity, cybercrime, and other tales from the dark side of the internet.

Bridging the Gap Between Human and Cyber Security

As a guest on the podcast, Radcliffe revisits her beginnings as a social engineer and physical penetration tester, tells stories about some of the testing jobs she’s done, and details how she’s able to use the “machine between her ears” to find weaknesses in professional and personal security measures thought to be impenetrable to reinforce human defenses against future threats.

As Radcliffe puts it, “I’m not a bad person, but I do know how criminals think.” Because of her work as an ethical hacker – one of the good guys – humans are better equipped to prevent attacks, scams, and cons of all kinds.

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