Jessica O. Matthews, Innovative Disruptor


Jessica O. Matthews is a young innovator who has been breaking race and gender barriers in the infrastructure and technology industries for more than a decade. She founded Uncharted at the age of 22 – an award-winning Harlem-based gamechanger in the renewable energy space that helps cities and developers reduce the cost and complexity of their infrastructure to build truly smart, sustainable, and equitable cities for all.

The Quintessential Innovator

Invited to the White House by former President Barack Obama and called the “Elon Musk of kinetic energy” by former U.S. Chief Technology Officer Megan Smith, Jessica has quickly become a must-see speaker on the circuit, sharing how she changed the renewable energy game and ways audiences can develop a disruptor’s mindset, spark reinvention, and foster equitable innovation.

Jessica’s unique triumph as an African American female founder serves as a leading example for others struggling to succeed in traditional industries. Her motto "succeed not despite of who you are, but because of who you are unapologetically" empowers groups to embrace differences and recognize that personal struggle and challenges can give birth to solutions, if you let them.

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