Jonah Berger: The innovator Facebook and Bill Gates turn to

In a recent talk, Wharton professor and New York Times best-selling author Jonah Berger showed audiences this crazy video about social conformity. In it, unsuspecting patients enter a doctor’s office waiting room. They hear a beep and notice everyone around them standing. Amazingly (and without having any idea why they’re doing it!) each new patient begins standing each time the beep goes off. It’s hilarious but also gets to the heart of why it can be so hard to challenge existing cultural norms and truly innovate.

Jonah’s offering a new talk all about promoting a culture of innovation that looks at this exact problem. He talks about the factors that prevent businesses from embracing change, plus how to get past them to live and lead innovation. It’s a blend of human behavior, research, and funny anecdotes.

If you’re not familiar with Jonah, Wharton magazine just wrote a whole profile all about him called Inside the Curious Mind of Jonah Berger. It talks about his two blockbuster books, his enthusiasm and curiosity, his consultancy work for Facebook, Google, and the Gates Foundation, his 10+ years teaching at Wharton (he’s only 36), and the really unique ways he uses his behavioral science research to help companies get better.

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