McChrystal on Applying War Lessons to Business

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Can business leaders use military lessons learned through years of fighting terrorists to build teams that are more agile, communicate better, and win more often? According to General Stanley McChrystal, former Commander of U.S. and International Forces in Afghanistan, the answer is absolutely yes.

In this new Forbes piece, and in his speeches, McChrystal explains that “warrior network techniques” apply to practically all businesses—especially those working to keep pace with rapid changes in technology and competition or restructuring their organization to become more agile.

Gen. McChrystal is one of our most impressive speakers on leadership, teamwork, and organizational innovation. His TED talk “Listen, Learn, then Lead” has been translated into 33 languages. 

If you are planning for a 2018 kick off meeting aimed at increasing adaptability, building momentum, or crafting a new team of empowered leaders, Gen. McChrystal is a top recommendation.

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