McChrystal Group on Leading Through Uncertainty

McChrystal Group on Leading Through Uncertainty

Today’s uncertain environment presents unique challenges for business leaders, such as a potential shift in day-to-day operations and exploring remote working options.

But according to leadership expert General Stan McChrystal, “The challenges ahead will be very real for leaders in business, but from experience, I know that they are surmountable with focus and intention.”

Take a look at these two thought leaders from the McChrystal Group who apply lessons-learned from the battlefield to provide corporate America with innovative strategies to lead teams through complex environments.

  • General Stan McChrystal, World-Renowned Commander of U.S. and International Forces in Afghanistan and Co-founder of McChrystal Group, who talks powerfully about “creating the right environment” of transparency for your people to understand their strategic goals and then execute against them.
  • Chris Fussell, President at McChrystal Group and Former U.S. Navy SEAL Officer, who provides a roadmap for breaking down silos, increasing collaboration, getting buy in for organizational change, and building a “team of teams.” 

In response to the current business environment, Stan, Chris, and their team have released a series of articles to share their thinking on the major steps leaders should take to establish high-functioning teams in these unpredictable times. For instance, shifting to a remote work model. 

Read the full five-part series Practical Advice For Leading Through COVID-19 here.

While we can’t predict how quickly things will get back to normal, these business insights are a great starting point for leaders to prepare.



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