Miguel Cervantes: Broadway’s Alexander Hamilton

miguel cervantes on stage as Alexander Hamilton

If you went to see Hamilton on Broadway between 2020 and early 2024, chances are you may have seen Miguel Cervantes play the titular role of Alexander Hamilton in the iconic stage production.  

The world-renowned actor was handpicked by the show’s creator (and original Alexander Hamilton actor) Lin-Manuel Miranda for the role and received universal acclaim for bringing Alexander Hamilton's character to life and making it his own. Cervantes’ journey to the pinnacle of the performing arts wasn’t without its challenges and setbacks — as you’ll read about in this blog. His perseverance will inspire you and his ability to engage the audience with a unique mix of moving musical melodies and scintillating storytelling make him a must-see speaker whose lessons on resilience and finding purpose will resonate with any audience.

What Miguel Cervantes Brings to the Stage  

As an actor and singer, Cervantes knows how to work a crowd and get them involved in the show. He’s a charming presence who finds fun ways to engage and entertain the audience while getting his message across. He masterfully takes audiences through every emotion imaginable as he touches on themes of creativity, innovative thinking, and pushing past hardships to come out stronger at the other end. Takeaways from his talks include:  

  1. The Power of Purpose and Perseverance: Miguel is unafraid to be vulnerable with the audience as he opens up about losing his daughter to epilepsy just as he was really breaking through in his career. For him, Hamilton has become more than a stage show. It’s about legacy and leaving the world a better place than you found it. He uses his platform to advocate for finding a cure for epilepsy and empowers audiences to discover their purpose and use it to do good in their communities and beyond.   

  2. Only You Can Write Your Script to Success: Cervantes is a big believer in taking ownership of your story. This means knowing how to turn your challenges into triumphs and embracing the ‘lead role’ in your life because, as he emphasizes, opportunities come to those who are prepared to act on them. He provides audiences with meaningful action steps from his own career to guide them on their paths to success.  

  3. If the Rehearsal is a Disaster, the Show Will go Smoothly: The road to accomplishing big goals is seldom straightforward. You can expect to make mistakes and fail, but Cervantes encourages audiences not to let this stop them from stepping out of their comfort zones and taking risks. It’s only when you embrace failure that you begin to learn and grow so that you can perform at your best when it matters most.

The Power of Song & Story  

Miguel Cervantes in the Media

Having spent years in Broadway’s most visible role, Miguel Cervantes is frequently featured in leading media outlets. Check out some of his most prominent media hits.   

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