New Exclusives: Business Leaders, Authors, and Founders of College Hunks Hauling Junk

New LAI Exclusives: Business Leaders, Authors, and College Hunks Hauling Junk Founders

We’re excited to share that Leading Authorities is now exclusively representing business leaders, authors, and founders of College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving, Nick Friedman and Omar Soliman, for lectures.

LEGENDARY LEADERSHIP JOURNEY FROM VAN TO FRANCHISE. Over a decade ago, the childhood best friends were just twenty-two when they co-founded the now iconic junk removal and moving company. Starting as an idea to earn some extra money over college break in a beat-up cargo van, the duo has grown College Hunks into a 150-million-dollar, national franchise with more than 100 locations – truly demonstrating what it means to be both bold risk takers and modern leaders. The company and founders have been widely recognized and acclaimed for their culture and service, as well as their progressive approach to doing business in the 21st century.

EXPERT INSIGHTS ON BRANDING, COMPANY CULTURE, AND CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. In speeches, Friedman (College Hunks president) and Soliman (College Hunks CEO) charismatically discuss how to create and manage a world-class organization and a stand-out brand. Voted a 2019 ‘Best Place to Work,’ the duo share how they’ve built an entrepreneurial culture of strong, reliable teams and developed College Hunks into a customer-centric, values-driven company, revolving around the core purpose: to “Move the World.” A large employer of millennials, Friedman and Soliman provide strategies to unlock the potential of this workforce, with a focus on building future leaders and using gamification and other tech-enabled strategies to keep employees engaged.

BUSINESS THOUGHT LEADERS. Committed to helping more people become successful, Friedman and Soliman wrote the book, Effortless Entrepreneur: Work Smart, Play Hard, Make Millions, outlining ten common sense commandments to growing and leading successful teams and organizations. Endorsed by moguls like Subway founder, Fred Deluca, and Ted Leonsis, vice chairman emeritus of AOL and owner of the Washington Capitals and Washington Wizards, the book has become a national best-seller and is a must-read for anyone looking to enhance their business leadership skills.


  • From Van to Franchise: Two Hunks' Entrepreneurial Journey
  • Becoming & Building Better Leaders
  • Leading a Millennial Workforce
  • Breakthrough Branding & Publicity
  • Find Your Why: Creating Purpose and Values in Your Organization
  • Generating Loyalty with WOW Service


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