New Talk from Google & BMW's Innovation Expert

Professional headshot of Mike Steep

What does every company and industry need to do NOW to identify and create exponential opportunities caused by technology disruption?

Mike Steep, who is one of our newest exclusive speakers, is an innovation consultant and the SVP of Global Business Operations for PARC Xerox. He works with companies like Google, BMW, Boeing, and P&G to help them create and see through new, world-changing ideas.

His brand new speech looks at how other companies can do this too:

  • Discusses the five major disruptive forces at play that are changing our world and creating opportunities for companies and industries that can create new revenue opportunities.
  • Walks audience through a step-by-step method of HOW to harness the power of disruption to a positive business outcome.
  • Show how all of this disruption is crossing every major industry segment with five case studies: Microsoft, Apple, Deep Mind, BMW, and Lloyd’s of London Insurance.

Several clients have asked if his presentation can be customized to their specific industries. The answer is yes. He can deliver a specific in-depth discussion with case examples for your industries.

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