Now Speaking: The Unexpected Spy, Tracy Walder

Tracy Walder exclusively represented by Leading Authorities

We're excited to share that Leading Authorities speakers bureau now exclusively represents former CIA officer and FBI special agent, Tracy Walder for lectures.

One of few women to work on the operations side of both the CIA and FBI, Walder shares her empowering journey straight from her college sorority to working in special operations. Taking audiences behind-the-scenes of two of America’s major intelligence agencies during the era of 9/11, she keeps groups on the edge of their seats, detailing insider stories of hunting terrorists worldwide, including frequent meetings with President Bush, assuming aliases, and interrogating suicide bombers.

The author of the book, The Unexpected Spy: My Secret Life Chasing Down Some of the World’s Most Notorious Terrorists, Tracy’s fascinating life story is also being developed into an ABC Network TV series.


  • The Unexpected Spy: An Empowering Life Story from Sorority to Special Operations: Tracy offers her unique perspective as a young female working in the CIA and FBI. Detailing riveting anecdotes from working in special operations during the era of 9/11, she shares her inspiring message: don't try to change who you are to fit what you think the job wants you to be.
  • A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Terrorism and Counterintelligence: Tracy draws on her experience tracking terrorists worldwide, interrogating suicide bombers, and gathering life-saving intelligence to help audiences better understand the current threat landscape. Taking audiences through the current security environment, she shares first-hand how intelligence is really being used by the government.

Whether you’re looking to inspire and motivate audiences with a riveting story, or dive deep into issues like counterintelligence and terrorism, Tracy is a great choice. 


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