Politico and Axios Co-Founder Jim Vandehei

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Is Jim VandeHei on your list for late 2017 or early 2018 events? If not, take a look at him. Jim’s genius is in understanding how people consume and share information and reflecting that in real time. His insight helps companies better communicate with consumers and win in today’s environment—whether its politics or business, his strategies help clients adapt to change in customer preference and habit to make the most of new opportunities.

Jim is a truly ground-breaking journalist and innovator who totally re-imagined what political reporting looks like in 2017. Vanity Fair named him one of their “100 Most Powerful Information Age Thinkers” for disrupting his industry and building the “model for the new media success story.”

Jim was a Washington Post correspondent for years before co-founding Politico. Last year, he co-founded Axios with Mike Allen. Axios is already shaping up to be a major success story—making it Jim’s 2nd lucrative media brand in an age of budget-cuts and rollbacks.

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