Satirical Perspective on the Election

If you’ve been following the conventions over the past two weeks, you’ve heard the stories, watched the speeches, and seen the commentary. Now you can relive moments from Cleveland and Philadelphia through Kevin Kallaugher’s cartoons.

An incredible cartoonist, Kal uses his insight as a political satirist to create a dynamic and visual presentation, touching on everything from current events to politics and the economy.

An award-winning cartoonist for The Economist and The Baltimore Sun, Kal brings the conventions to life with his humorous caricatures. His lively, clever animations challenge you to reflect upon some of this year’s biggest political moments.

During his 36-year career, Kal has created over 8,000 cartoons. He expertly blends the gravity of political realities with comedic satire to create a product that is both funny and thought-provoking.

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