Seal on What Separates Good from Great

Professional headshot of Scott Moore

According to Rear Adm. Scott Moore, leadership is the key component separating great organizations from those that are just “good enough.” If you have a meeting focused on leadership, motivation, or teamwork this year, I encourage you to look at Scott—the former number two leader in the entire Navy SEAL organization. 

Scott’s presentations are action-packed and fast-moving. He weaves memorable lessons into unbelievable stories, sharing what it was like to serve as the negotiator during the Captain Phillips rescue, and how he felt as he oversaw the rescue of hostage Jessica Buchanan in the Horn of Africa—a life-or-death mission he knew was almost impossible.

Scott also breaks down the two types of leadership we face in our lives and how to excel in each way: 

    • Positional leadership: the role that you are given by your supervisor
    • Situational leadership: the role that no one expects but everyone is confronted with—when you’re in a position and you recognize that someone needs to take charge, and that you’re going to do it

Scott’s leadership talk is honest and totally filler-free. It’s a hard-hitting look at what it’s like to successfully lead and be a team player when lives are on the line. I’ve seen jaws drop during Scott’s speeches before because it can be so hard to wrap your head around what it’s like to be a SEAL.

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