Speech for You-Creating Disruption from Within

Professional headshot of Mitch Joel in an all black suit

We recently saw a speaker we thought you should know about: Mitch Joel. He spoke on the technology and trends creating disruption in almost every industry today.

The biggest takeaways for us from his speech were:

  • Don’t confuse disruption with destruction—disruption is not a destruction of current styles/strategies/products/experiences but making them better or creating new ones
  • Getting ahead in today’s competitive market often means finding “micro-transactions” to invest in
  • Mitch is a “presentist,” not a futurist, so he’s interested in the trends and opportunities people are missing right now—and how to tap into them
Mitch runs one of the most-read business blogs in the world and has a huge social media presence. He knows how to give audiences serious ideas to mull over and the perfect tweetable sound bite in the same presentation. He is also one of the only speakers we've come across who has 100% new content in every speech (hard to do)—an entirely new deck, examples, anecdotes, etc. 

For more information on Mitch, his availability, or his fees, please fill out the form below.

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