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Two Big New Political Books

by Whitney Sayce
Political Speakers with New Big Books

Two of our most popular political speakers – Dana Perino and Chuck Todd – are coming out with new books very soon. We expect that they will be getting a lot of press at the time of release and highly in-demand on the lecture circuit. I wanted to give you this heads up both so you’d be one of the first in-the-know about these big upcoming political books and also to give you a chance to check their availability and fees before their schedules get crazy (or should I say “even crazier,” with mid-terms in just a few months).

Dana’s book, And the Good News Is…, will be out early 2015. It will combine a “candid self-portrait,” insider political stories, and advice on how to succeed in one’s personal and professional life.

Chuck’s book, The Stranger: Barack Obama in the White House, will be out in November and will cast light on Barack Obama’s tenure in the White House, covering both the good and the bad.

Both Dana and Chuck are amazing speakers (they’re consistently two of our most highly-rated). Give us a call or drop us a note if you’d like to check their availability or fees. Thanks!

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