Two Top Design Thinkers on Business Innovation

We're getting a lot of 2017 requests for speakers on innovation and generating new business ideas. We'd like to share two new speakers with different perspectives. Do their messages resonate with you?

Your team is already full of new ideas- you just need to tap into them. People often hold back because of fears and excuses. How do you break through?

Mona Patel is a business innovation strategist and best-selling author who:

  • Challenges audiences to rethink their idea process and identify when they are acting like a square, a sheep or a blamer that hinders innovation
  • Worked with some of the world’s top companies such as Mercedes-Benz and GE
  • Delivers a dynamic keynote looking at corporate culture and breaking down barriers to success

Tackle old problems in a new way; achieve results by designing around your strengths and asking the right central questions.

John Coyle is an Olympic silver medalist and graduate of Stanford’s design school who:

  • Re-engineered his own Olympic training to break the US speed skating record by 5.5 seconds
  • Helps audiences apply design thinking to their personal and professional lives
  • Leaves people motivated to change the way they think and provides the concrete steps to help them achieve their goals

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