Virtual Meeting Options for When the Show Must Go On

Virtual Meeting Options

If you’re seeing disruption in your in-person meetings, often times the show must go on. Organizations still need ways to communicate with their customers, prospects, key stakeholders, and members, even when face-to-face events are not an option. Virtual meetings are quickly becoming our new normal. 

When the unexpected happens, we’re dedicated to helping our clients find alternate solutions to connect with important groups. Here are just some of the ways we’ve been working to leverage technology to harness the power of live events and online events and continue to deliver pertinent content with creative alternate meeting solutions.


Speaker Webcast

A great way for a speaker to intimately reach a virtual audience is to put together a webcast in order to share content live with a remote group. This gives groups an agile and cost-effective options to deliver insights without having to orchestrate a full event.

Here’s how we’ve done it:

  • A producer from LAI Live (our event production company) oversees all production & AV logistics
  • Our AV team sets up an intimate webcast in our LAI studio or at an office, with no audience, to deliver your desired content
  • Live stream of speaker and talk is distributed for your remote audience – with the production value similar to watching him or her on stage in person!

To further enhance the webcasting experience, we also offer a graphic package and other add-ons that include a custom landing page, on-demand viewing, shareable PDF of the content discussed, and more.


Small Event Webcast

If you're looking to get both in-person audience engagement while also including attendees who can’t be there in person, a small event webcast is a solid option to host and deliver a “town-hall” event from a meeting venue. Think of this online meeting as a hybrid or “glocal” (global + local) meeting to allow more attendees into your live event experience without the need of travel.

Here’s how we’ve done it:

  • A LAI Live producer helps with site selection for a smaller “town-hall” style meeting and oversees all production & AV logistics
  • Our AV team sets up a small to medium venue (roughly 250 audience members) to accommodate both in-person attendees as well as a virtual stream.
  • Live stream event to audience members who are remote, while engaging in-person attendees with a well-produced event.

In addition to the AV and producer, we also offer a graphics package and other enhancements like scenic designs and build for backgrounds, shareable PDF of the content discussed, custom landing page, on-demand viewing options, and more.



Use Leading Authorities' webinar platform and leverage our expertise in managing live events to share information or provide education to your members, customers, and key stakeholders virtually.

Content Only

  • LAI manages content only
  • Talent speakers using your webinar platform at contracted date and time
  • Talent agrees to participate in rehearsal prior to live webinar

Managed Webinar

  • Talent speaks using LAI webinar platform at contracted date and time
  • One or multiple panelists from their own designated location
  • Talent agrees to participate in rehearsal prior to live webinar
  • LAI takes care of all aspects of the webinar including: Planning and set up, logistics, rehearsal, webcam recording, and post-event support

In LAI Studio with Webcam

All aspects of the managed webinar with the following additional benefits:

  • Produced in the LAI studio
  • Webcam video feed
  • Mic'd speakers

In LAI Studio with Cameras

All aspects of the in studio webinar with the following additional benefits:

  • Multiple camera options for video feed
  • LAI Support: Producer and Cinematographers



If you’re looking for further ideas to distribute your content or are exploring expanding your content into different mediums, here are some additional options where our speakers bureau, video production, and live event teams at LAI have come together to continue to facilitate world-class meetings.

Live Stream Your Existing Event

  • If you’ve already planned your event but are expecting a large virtual audience, you can deliver the entirety of your live meeting content in real-time online through a virtual live-streaming option. 

On-Demand Keynote with Speaker-Hosted Discussion

  • Deliver on-demand content virtually to your audience while maintaining the interactive elements of a live event. You can select one of our packaged pre-recorded speeches from industry thought leaders, followed by a live Q&A discussion hosted by the speaker.

Custom Branded Event Microsite

  • Are you hosting virtual events and delivering related content? Where will it live? The Leading Authorities Custom Branded Microsite is a one-stop-shop for your remote attendees - a central home for all your virtual event resources. Fully branded for your event, the site extends your brand experience and deliver real-time information and education in a virtually stimulating, easy-to-access way.

Conference Call with a Speaker

  • If you’re looking for a thought leader or expert to provide their take on a specific topic, you can book a keynote speaker to deliver their message via conference call to your most important stakeholders. 

Podcast (Audio-only or Video Interview)

  • Want to deliver smart, candid content on a regular basis? You can host podcast conversations in your office or in our studio and send out to your constituents. Whether an audio recording or video interview, podcasts are a great way to consistently bring your audience into the discussion.

Executive or Organizational Video Update

  • Need to quickly relay critical updates to employees, customers, or members? If you’re unable to deliver this message in person, you can use video to film an executive address or other internal communications and distribute in a way that is more personal and timely.



We’re here to ensure your meeting goes on! If you’re facing any event challenges, our team is happy to brainstorm further creative solutions to overcome them. 

Tell us about your event needs and we'll provide you with customized recommendations tailored specifically for you. 

To get in touch with a member of our team right away, you can also fill out the form below, email us at Contact@lauthorities.comlive chat with us online, or call us at 1-800-SPEAKER.

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