Wharton Prof on “Disruption-Proofing” Your Business

We live in an age of disruption. Entire industries have been uprooted and displaced, and some of the most successful companies out there didn’t exist just a few decades ago. How can we stay ahead of relentless innovation?

Wharton professor, top LAI speaker, and New York Times best-selling author Jonah Berger has a new talk on how to “disruption-proof” your business. He delivers a fascinating look at the factors that make some companies more likely to get disrupted and how to prevent this cannibalization. For instance, disruptors are able to look at shifting evolving consumer needs rather than focusing solely on products. As Jonah says, if you’re a dry-cleaner, not only are other dry-cleaners your competitors—so is wrinkle-free clothing.

In a cool new speech, Jonah runs through how executives can reinvent their business model and incentivize innovation plus what disruptors do differently that makes them so successful. Drawing on success stories from companies including Uber, Gillette, and Chobani, Jonah offers a playbook for surviving and thriving in 2017.

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