Alain Nu

The Man Who Knows
Alain Nu
  • Master in the magic arts, focusing on mentalism, mind reading and telekinesis
  • Author of Amazon best-seller, State of Mind
  • Headlined at Caesar Palace in Vegas for his show, The Mysterious World of Alain Nu

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Alain Nu’s lifelong passion for mysterious and unknown realms was formed in his early childhood. Growing up in San Francisco in the 1970’s, Alain was exposed at an early age to the world of fortunetellers, street performers and other practitioners of the “mystery arts.” Like many children his mind was agile and creative. He was fascinated by paleontology and became an avid and knowledgeable young rock collector. Largely shunned by his peers for somehow being “different,” he turned his natural desire to connect with others inwards. With two hard-working parents and little outside community, he befriended neighborhood animals and regularly “walked” with a pack of free-running dogs that seemed to flock to his magnetic energy. This experience of friendship beyond species had a definite impact on his belief that a “force” of sorts connects all living things in the universe.

His parent’s decision to move to Washington, DC, cemented his destiny through a process of personal struggle and triumph. At the time, being the only Asian student in his new school, the other students now ostracized him to an even greater degree than before. Operating completely outside social cliques and other mainstays of childhood to adolescent life, he spent his time honing his skills in magic and esoteric studies.

As a youth, his interest in the unknown manifested in anything he could research, and/or get away with — basement séances, UFO clubs, and playfully testing he and his friends’ psychic ability with playing cards. He asked his father who worked at the Library of Congress to bring home hard-to-find books on magic, strange phenomena and parapsychology so he could learn as much as possible about these topics. He became close friends with and worked for Mark Chorvinsky, publisher/editor of Strange Magazine, which covered many topics of the weird and unexplained. Connecting with this new world of people consumed with a passion for pursuing the unknown on so many different levels brought Alain’s personal sense of the importance of these topics to a new level. Eventually, Alain’s interest turned towards the field of mentalism, parlor demonstrations of ESP, mind reading and telekinesis.

The path on which he found himself seemed to be his only true calling, and Alain came to the moment of decision on which his entire future depended. To Alain, there was no question that he was already doing exactly what he needed to do. Against tremendous odds, he built a career that eventually brought him to headline at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and star in four of his own hour-long television specials, The Mysterious World of Alain Nu, which aired on TLC and international television. His endless creativity and high standard of excellence over many years earned him several awards, along with the deep respect and admiration of his peers.

Always trying to keep up with the latest studies on the brain and consciousness, Alain’s interest was piqued by recent findings linking quantum physics and serious parapsychological research. Invigorated by the implications of these parallel fields of study, Alain’s role became clearer than ever: to develop programs that introduce ordinary people to their own extraordinary abilities.

Determined to seek his own path as “The Man Who Knows,” Alain has intrigued Washington society with his incredible programs of wonder along with the message of furthering one’s openness to the marvels of human interconnectivity. Presenting at universities, corporations and association events, Alain gained a wide reputation for entertaining very sophisticated audiences with his uncanny demonstrations that blur the line between science and the mysteries of unexplained phenomena.

His latest book Picture Your ESP! — Reveal Your Hidden Powers with The Nu ESP Test was published in May, 2010.

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Invisible Connections. In this one-man show, Alain Nu utilizes his untold powers to foretell our actions, reveal our unspoken thoughts, and create seemingly impossible phenomena. This unprecedented man of mystery has entertained audiences worldwide with his uncanny demonstrations that blur the line between science and he mysteries of unexplained phenomena. Nothing is impossible in Alain’s world; he says, “With just our thoughts and words as tools of visualization, we have the beginnings of untold power.”

How does he do it? In a town known for secrecy, Alain Nu is reluctant to reveal his especially sensitive powers. He acknowledges that his uncanny effects incorporate elements of probability, psychology, suggestion, professional techniques, and good timing. First, and most importantly, he considers himself an entertainer.

So, what is it exactly that Alain Nu knows? “I know that each of us has a super hidden potential that is real,” he says. But, is it possible for us to develop these super powers? “I think that answer lies in our power to dream,” says Alain Nu.

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