Alexis Glick

Former Vice President of Fox Business News and Former Anchor of Money for Breakfast, The Opening Bell, TODAY, and Squawk Box

Alexis Glick
  • Helped launch Fox Business News, the largest cable news network in history
  • Headed New York Stock Exchange floor operations for Morgan Stanley
  • Delivers a smart, motivating presentation that inspires people to challenge and push themselves to their limits

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Alexis Glick is a former media personality and executive on Wall Street. She was the first and youngest woman to manage the New York Stock Exchange floor operations of a major bulge bracket firm. She then went on to help launch Fox Business News, the largest cable news network in history. There, she anchored Money for Breakfast and The Opening Bell after having previously been on NBC’s TODAY and CNBC’s Squawk Box. She is a great choice for groups looking for a seasoned executive sitting at the intersection of economy and politics. She is also a proven moderator for business, financial, and political events and has expertise in financial services, retail, and technology.

Glick is currently the CEO of the Gen YOUth Foundation, and as head of the largest nutrition and physical fitness organization in the country, she also has a unique perspective into how to communicate with younger demographics and Millennials, the power of private-public partnerships, and the future of sports. Working on Wall Street she’s seen the balance sheets of the world’s top firms. With her time in the media, she’s reported on their actions, and through GenYOUth she sees what makes them tick.

Major Media Maven. Prior to her appointment as CEO, Alexis Glick was vice president of Fox Business News. Prior to joining FOX, Glick served as a correspondent for the Today Show and co-anchored the third hour of that program. Before her stint at NBC News, she was the senior trading correspondent for CNBC and reported from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange, providing live daily updates for Squawk Box. In addition to her consulting and advisory work for media and financial companies, Glick has become a frequent guest and contributor to many network, cable news, and radio stations.

Financial Services Expertise. Glick was an executive at Morgan Stanley where she headed the New York Stock Exchange floor operations. A member of the NYSE since 2002, she served as one of Morgan Stanley’s top producers on the Listed Equity Trading Desk. She worked through Glass-Steagall and its repeal and her expertise runs the full gamut—from investment management to running the day-to-day operations of a large financial firm. She also worked with both asset-backed and mortgage-backed securities before the 2008 crash, giving her unique insights into the current economic environment. She began her career as an analyst at Goldman Sachs.

Fighting Childhood Obesity. Gen YOUth is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting childhood obesity and its flagship program, Fuel Up to Play 60, is a partnership between the NFL and the National Dairy Council. The in-school program empowers youth in more than 70,000 schools to improve nutrition and physical activity at their own school and for their own health.

Glick is a senior fellow for the Kauffman Foundation, one of the largest foundations in the country; the organization is dedicated to education and entrepreneurship. She is a strategic advisor to the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy, an international forum of business CEOs and chairpersons focused exclusively on corporate philanthropy.

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At the Intersection of Economy and Politics. With her multifaceted expertise on our nation’s current economic environment, Alexis Glick delivers insights into what organizations can expect from our financial markets and how public policy will effect our economic growth. Drawing from both her extensive Wall Street experience and her ties to executives at some of the world’s top companies, she helps audiences understand where our country is headed and how to best position themselves to take advantage of the new opportunities being created by our recovering financial system.

Creating Partnerships That Work. As head of the CEO of the Gen YOUth Foundation, the largest nutrition and physical fitness organization in the country, Alexis Glick is no stranger to creating and fostering partnerships that work. The obesity epidemic is one of our nation’s most complicated health issues, and it cannot be tackled alone. Glick takes her expertise connecting with organizations across the country and shares with audiences how to develop mutually-beneficial partnerships that increase the bottom line while solving larger issues.

Moderator. One of the most popular and knowledgeable journalists in the world of business media, Alexis Glick makes an ideal moderator for panel discussions and live focus groups. With her background of live news, Glick is no stranger to the twists and turns that a live interview or panel can take, and excels at maintaining momentum and keeping participants on topic. Glick’s goal is achieving a stimulating, imaginative, and compelling conversation between participants, and helping the audience glean as much insight as possible. A former anchor for FOX Business News, and the third hour of the Today show on NBC, Glick excels at framing up the discussion and encouraging the panel to demonstrate their diverse range of thinking.

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