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Barry Asmus

Senior Economist with the National Center for Policy Analysis
  • Twice voted Outstanding Professor of the Year
  • Instrumental in creating public policy on healthcare, energy, and globalization
  • Spoke at the re-dedication ceremony for the Statue of Liberty
  • Uses concrete facts and analysis to tackle challenges facing American business
Topics & Types
Finance Policy & Regulation

Dr. Barry Asmus is a Senior Economist at the National Center for Policy Analysis.  He speaks, testifies, writes, and consults on political and business issues facing America. USA Today named him one of the five most requested speakers in the United States. Dr. Asmus was twice voted the Outstanding Professor of the Year, as well as honored with the Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge Award for Private Enterprise Education.

Barry receives standing ovations and repeat invitations because he customizes every presentation.  They are unique and fresh.  He presents an optimistic and thrilling future for America.  His comments on globalization, demographics, and public policy issues are rooted in factual information, enthusiasm, and humor.  Barry’s presentations are full of ideas that can be used to harness our unlimited future.

As the Senior Economist with the National Center for Policy Analysis, Barry doesn’t just speak on policies--he is involved with their implementation.  He recently testified before Chairman Bill Archer and the House Ways and Means committee on switching from an income tax to a consumption tax.  He was a main speaker in the Privatizing Social Security Conference for Western European leaders held at the Forbes Chateau de Balleroy in France, and has consulted with policy makers in Santiago, Chile, concerning their privatization programs.  Barry has debated members of the Clinton Administration on making the American health care system more competitive by using Medical Savings Accounts.  He is a strong advocate of free market/limited government solutions.

Whether addressing 30 world bankers at the home of Harvard’s President, 3,000 farmers in Des Moines, or 7,000 members of the Million Dollar Round Table at Radio City Music Hall, Asmus presents his commentary in an entertaining, easily understood style.  Recognized for his views on making U.S. companies world-class competitors by focusing on delivering value to the customer, he addresses many of the opportunities and challenges facing American business today.

His books include: The Best Is Yet To Come (2001); Apollo: An Outer Space Economic Adventure (1996); When Riding a Dead Horse, for Heavens Sake...Dismount (1995); It’s Tea Time, Again: The Original American Dream (1995); and ClintonCare: Putting Government in Charge of Your Health (1994).

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