Bill Herz

Professional Magician; Started Own Magic Company
Bill Herz
  • Two-time winner of the International Magical Performers Award
  • Designs special effects for Broadway shows and movies
  • Brings comedy and magic to any event
  • Uses humor to teach business lessons from cold calling to client meetings

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For the last 20 years, Bill Herz has been wowing audiences of all kinds and all sizes around the world. From Fortune 500 companies to lavish private affairs, he has decades of experience transforming typical meetings and gatherings into events that will stay memorable forever.

At an age when most kids were reading comic books, Herz was learning to shuffle a deck of cards with one hand. Today he is regarded as one of the most entertaining corporate magicians in the world. He started Magicorp in 1987 to handle the ever-increasing demand for his performing expertise and special event know-how.

Except for taking a little time out to earn a bachelor’s degree from Amherst College and a masters degree from Cornell University, Herz has spent the past 20 years performing at corporate events.

He currently performs at more than 200 corporate events each year and also teaches executives their own meeting magic. His unique mix of comedy and magic has been applauded at corporate functions throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe, China, India, and Thailand, and he has been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Crain’s, Daily News,  and many others. Audiences walk away energized and upbeat with strategies and ice-breakers for helping out with that next cold call or client meeting. Herz is also the perfect host or master of ceremonies at large or small events, intimate gatherings, trade shows and expos. His repertoire runs from close-up sleight-of-hand to large-scale illusions where audience members float or a CEO appears out of thin air.

He is a two-time winner of the International Magical Performers Award. As a theatrical consultant, he designs and creates special effects for Broadway shows, major motion pictures, and television commercials, as well as industrial and training videos. Herz is also the author of Secrets of the Astonishing Executive.

His performances are always custom-tailored to his audience in order to meet their needs or support an organization’s meeting theme and goals. Whether performing during a meeting, entertaining clients after dinner, or astonishing guests at a cocktail party with his sleight of hand, Bill Herz always integrates audience participation, humor, and his unforgettable wizardry to ensure an event is truly special.

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The Stand-Up Show. The Stand-Up show is an interactive comedy magic and mindreading show. Ideal for groups of 20 to 2000, it’s an event that makes the audience the stars of the show. This fast paced energetic display of visual dexterity, wit, and psychological mysteries is a show designed for thinking audiences, as everyone becomes a part of the action.

Close-Up Magic. No stages, sets, or requirements. Anywhere, anytime. Close-up magic is for intimate miracles for small groups at receptions, pre-dinner functions, and parties where a formal show isn’t the best solution. It is a great ice-breaker as objects vanish, money multiplies, cards change, and impossibilities occur – right in your guests’ hands. Mini-miracles happen right in front of them.

Master of Ceremonies. Need to keep the meeting moving? Using magic, mind reading, and illusions, Bill keeps the energy of the general session up over the day or several days. Whether serious or lighthearted speaker introductions, natural topic segues, housekeeping notes, announcing coffee breaks or breakout sessions, the predictability of the meeting is removed, while adding some frequently-needed mystery, comedy, and relief.

Award Banquets. One of the most important events at your conference shouldn’t be lost to boredom. Bill adds dazzle and wit to your award presentations while highlighting the real magicians...the award winners. Whether making the presenters appear magically out of thin air, or using magic to segue smoothly between categories, Bill goes out of his way to ensure that your people are the stars of the evening.

Large-Scale Illusions. Large scale illusions can add that extra bit of wow. Whether making the CEO magically appear out of thin air, making an audience member float in thin air, turning one executive into another or cutting a competitor in half, larger illusions can add that extra bit of excitement that make it a truly memorable event.

Teambuilding. That’s right, teambuilding. Bill has come up with a really unique, memorable, and fun way to help your organization revitalize morale, increase product knowledge, and demonstrate the importance of teamwork. Tell him your goals, and he’ll customize a program where your attendees become the magicians!

Keynote Presentation. “Misdirection” is one of a magician’s most powerful tools, and using magic is a great way to teach an audience how not to be misdirected—focusing on the real issues at hand. While in magic you frequently watch one hand while the other hand accomplishes the illusion, it’s the same in business. We frequently miss the complete picture because we are focused on the wrong element. In this fast paced, humorous, magical, customized presentation the audience is shown how to be focused where attention is needed most. The presentation is fast-paced, humorous, and tailored for each specific audience.

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