Blaire Palmer

Authority on the Future of Leadership, Organisational Change and Work

Blaire Palmer
  • Spent over 17 years working with Boards and senior teams as a coach and “agent provocateur”
  • Author of 3 successful books on leadership
  • Gives audiences unique insights into what the most innovative companies are doing, as well as trends she spots in her work

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Blaire Palmer is a world authority on the changing face of leadership.  An author, speaker, coach, consultant and commentator on future trends in business, with nearly two decades of experience coaching and provoking boards and senior leaders, Blaire shares her funny, insightful and challenging ideas about leadership and change with audiences around the globe, inspiring them to find ways to start running their companies in partnership with their people, lose the ego around leadership and re-think what leaders are here for in the post-Industrial, Personalised Age.

As one of the youngest female producers of the BBC’s flagship “Today Programme” Blaire spent a decade breaking stories and shaping the UK news agenda before her fascination with leadership and change led her to train as one of the UK’s first corporate coaches.

Since then she’s written 3 successful books on the subject and is regularly quoted in the media.

Unlike many speakers on the subject her interest isn’t academic. She doesn’t speak as a business school professor or as a former CEO trying to generalise from one unique experience. Instead, Blaire draws on her insights as a coach, confidante and agent provocateur for CEOs who spends most of her days supporting and guiding leaders through change as they shape their company. Her speeches give audiences unparalleled insight in to what’s happening in the most innovative Boardrooms in the UK and Europe, trends she’s spotting in her work and what actually works (and doesn’t) when it comes to change and leadership in real businesses.

Blaire is no stranger to change herself. From leaving her safe and respected job at the BBC and starting her own company at the age of 29 to becoming a digital nomad and taking her family (and her two dogs) on the road for a year, she is well-versed in the personal roller-coaster of change. She believes business can be a force for good in the world without sacrificing profitability and sustainability, and that work can provide us with a sense of meaning, purpose and community. She's on a mission to live and work on these terms...and help others do the same. But that can't happen without change.

Known for combining warmth and charm with a no nonsense, straight talking style, she shakes up our thinking and inspires audiences and leadership teams alike with her fresh ideas. Focusing on the need to re-think business and how we work for the 21st century Blaire encourages audiences to challenge everything they thought they knew. Audiences love her energy, her down to earth approach and her depth of knowledge.

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Blaire Palmer: Improving Leadership and Efficiency

VIRTUAL OFFERING: Working From Home With Kids at Home Webinar. With mass home working and mass home education a fact of life right now, many families are struggling. Well, help is here. 

In this webinar author, executive coach, and keynote speaker, Blaire Palmer, will help parents working from home with kids at home figure out how to remain productive while balancing family responsibilities. For the last three years Blaire has been running her thriving business while home educating her daughter. A single mother, Blaire has learnt the hard way how to organise herself, how to remain productive, how NOT to teach her child and some of the tricks to making it all work.

In this webinar Blaire will share -

  • The ‘maths’ of working at home and educating at home - how to use the hours available to do both.
  • The 3 ‘Zones’ she uses to organise work so that she can spend time with her daughter without compromising relationships with clients
  • Lessons from a home educator - revealing the most common mistakes of new home educators and revealing strategies that are sustainable for the longer term
  • Some tips for looking after yourself and relationships in the home during what will be an intense time ahead

Busting the Myths of Leadership. You want people to step up, embrace change, take ownership and innovate. Is that too much to ask? Yes, according to Blaire Palmer, unless you’re willing to challenge your own deeply held beliefs first. The kind of leaders we need now is changing as the context in which your business operates, the expectations of employees and the demands of customers change. Thriving in an unpredictable, complex environment requires real leadership at all levels in your organisation. In this talk, Blaire questions our conventional wisdom about leadership, hardwired during the Industrial Age, and presents an alternative model of leadership based on authentic human connection, trust, meaning and purpose and genuine collaboration. Thought-Provoking, funny and practical.  

Busting the Myths of Change. Is it really true that people don’t like change? What if people actually like change in generally…it’s just this change they can’t get behind? In this talk Blaire Palmer helps audiences understand the flawed fundamental assumptions that underpin most change initiatives and presents alternative truths that could make bringing about sustainable change much, much easier. This talk will inspire audience members to become the leaders of change, understand where their people are on the highly predictable journey of change, and re-think their role in the change process. New thinking, practical take aways, inspirational.  

Agile Working. Flexible working, self-management, Teal organisations, human-friendly policies. The pace of change, the pace of innovation, the requirement that companies are responsive to their customers, the expectations of a new breed of self-actualised employee all mean that companies who don’t consciously choose how they work and how they liberate the creativity, imagination and human potential of their people will quickly become redundant. Big business is in big trouble if it doesn’t adapt.

Blaire Palmer guarantees that the biggest risk to successful implementation of Agile working practices is people, and specifically Leaders. In her keynote presentation she asks - What does the organisation of the future look like? As the hierarchical organisation slowly dies, what will take its place? Are we on the verge of a revolution as significant for how we work as the industrial revolution?

Digital Disruption. The digital revolution is not only a technological revolution. It’s a revolution in the role that human beings play in business. Advances in AI and Bot technology mean that, increasingly, anything that involves data analysis, processes and systems or scientific decision making will be done by computers. How can leaders drive a change and guide their people through a revolution that may result in their own redundancy? And what opportunities does digital create for our human employees? And Blaire raises an even bigger question – what responsibility does business have for the fallout of digital transformation? What is its responsibility towards those who are no longer needed or those who cannot keep up with the pace of change?

Diversity. The I-Generation, kids born since 1997, only notice diversity when it’s not there. Joining our workplaces over the next 2-10 years will be employees who are largely colour, gender and sexuality blind. How ready are we for that? In order to create more diverse, fair, reflective organisations a few family friendly policies and a bit of positive discrimination won’t work. It’s the hardwiring at the heart of the business ethos that needs to be re-thought. Traditional values around career paths, working hours, recognition and reward, emotion in the workplace, what leaders look like, what leaders do, personality profiling, ego-driven politics, competition and measures of success all underpin how people and their contribution are understood. And it is time that Leaders asked big questions about whether they are still relevant, or even counter-productive, in today’s world.

Trump, Brexit, and Uncertainty. Trust in all of our major institutions – media, government and business – is in crisis. For Blaire Palmer, the question is "What is the responsibility of business, and business leaders, to reverse this crisis in trust?”. In her keynote speeches she describes the crisis in Leadership, its causes and consequences and points audiences towards a new approach to Leadership which can begin to reverse this crisis in trust. Her model of Leadership directly opposes the style displayed by the Trumps of this world but is no less radical. By confronting their own beliefs about their employees, their customers and the responsibility of business in the world, business leaders can play their part in mending the divisions in society, and in their own businesses. By understanding these global trends, we can learn about our own attitudes towards Leadership, our role in bringing about change and what kind of Leadership is going to secure the future of our businesses in such fast changing, uncertain times.

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