Juliet Funt

CEO of WhiteSpace at Work
Juliet Funt Speaker
  • Nationally-recognized expert in coping with the “Age of Overload” at home and work
  • Explains the difference between activity and productivity to help business leaders prioritize their goals
  • Fast paced and humorous look at positive changes organizations should make

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A regular feature in top global media outlets, including Forbes and Fast Company, Juliet Funt is a renowned keynote speaker and tough-love advisor to the Fortune 500. As the founder and CEO of the boutique efficiency firm Juliet Funt Group, she is an evangelist for freeing the potential of companies by unburdening their talent from busywork. Juliet’s warm, relatable manner and actionable content earned her one of the highest ratings in the largest speaking event in the world, and she has worked with Spotify, National Geographic, Anthem, Vans, Abbott, Costco, Pepsi, Nike, Wells Fargo, Sephora, Sysco, and ESPN. You can follow her and access numerous resources at JuiletFunt.com.  

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Do you wish you could stop the mayhem of work and life for a brief moment and just take a minute? Do you sense you could contribute more if there was a little more room in the day? Many people feel this way, but taking a restorative pause has felt impossible—until now.

You’re not alone in yearning for freedom from constant reactivity. Today’s global workforce is so fried that it belongs in the food court of a county fair. We’re relentlessly behind the curve, dousing fires everywhere, and our 3 a.m. insomnia provides the day’s only unscheduled time to think.

What we need again in our lives is the missing element of white space—short periods of open, unscheduled time that, when recaptured, change the very nature of work. White space is the stepping back, the strategic pause, and the oxygen that allows the sparks of our efforts to catch fire. It’s yours to reclaim, and this session will show you how.

In this lively session based on Juliet Funt’s new book, A Minute to Think, you’ll receive the permission, framework, and direction you need to regain control of your overloaded, caffeinated, inbox-worshiping workday and find a precious minute. Using memorable stories and razor-sharp instruction, Juliet will help you rediscover the meaning of your work, the way



As many of us, but not all of us, return to the office — our workflow had begun to involve location-varied teams as never before.

The key to thriving in this new environment will be a focus not on where people work but on how. Teams that have common language, mindsets, and practices will transcend their differences in setting. Others will struggle without these commonalities. It is actually possible for teams to come together around all sorts of norms that support them regardless of where they work because efficiency is portable.

The way the team makes communication choices, uses time, sets boundaries around technology, respects off time, and facilitates work with shortcuts are all portable. In this loving yet highly tactical session, Juliet Funt will share new research on the fatigue and morale challenges that teams across industries are facing as they enter phase two of COVID-19 professional recovery, a phase that will be arduous and devoid of the helpful adrenaline of phase one. She’ll give tactical advice on how to unify around a critical tool called a “Reductive Mindset,” and give your attendees a playbook for success regardless of what work challenges they walk into next.



The case is closed. For those who sell, present or simply represent a brand in any way, the future will now forever be a duel skill track. We must learn to charm in the room and charm on camera. And that’s tough. Many executives, sales teams, and other professionals have spent decades learning to be charismatic and effective in front of an audience—in person, that is. But when forced to present important material through the tiny lens of a webcam, many find their skills sorely lacking and their confidence shrinking. But, if you are tasked to support your brand through virtual interactions, these skill gaps can be costly.

Virtual presentation skills are critical skill with enormous impact, and it’s time to create a uniform standard of excellence across the board, whether the goal is landing a client, building a relationship, or closing a sale. But with training, practice, and a little loving feedback, the live/virtual gap can be closed. In this action-packed session, you’ll close this gap by meeting Juliet Funt, a globally beloved veteran of the keynote stage and frequent virtual presenter to audiences of thousands.

A content-rich opening will segue into live coaching of three participants, allowing interactive learning to occur as the rest of your audience observes. Also included is a pre-presentation checklist from Juliet’s personal files. Whatever you are saying in your business presentations, chances are it has never been more important. Elevate your skills, and you’ll elevate your results.

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