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Brian Solis

Best-Selling Author, Digital Anthropologist, Futurist, and Global Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce
Brian Solis
  • Named to Silicon Valley’s “40 under 40” and called one of the “25 Twitter Accounts That Will Make You Smarter” by Mashable
  • Prolific author of The End of Business as Usual named a “Top 10 Business Book” by Publisher’s Weekly
  • Speaks about many different topics including the future of business, innovation, social media, and disruptive technology
  • Helps organizations understand and embrace the dynamics defining the rise of social business

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Heralded as one of the ‘top 10 people to know in Silicon Valley’, and considered “one of the most important thought leaders of our time” and "one of the more creative and brilliant business minds of our time,” Brian Solis shares his vision, research and experiences through keynotes at conferences and events worldwide to help people understand and embrace the dynamics defining the rise of digital transformation, innovation, connected consumerism and digital lifestyles. He is consistently ranked as one of the top speakers at some of the biggest events around the world.

Brian is indeed ‘Mr. Futurist’. Not one to fly-by convention, Brian has personally influenced and shaped business and media through his work, lead numerous programs for Fortune 500 companies, notable celebrities, startups and is globally recognized as one of the most prominent thought leaders and published authors in new media. As a digital anthropologist, he humanizes technology trends to make sense to everyone at every level. His message simply resonates and that’s why he’s also followed by more than 700,000 people online and some of the most influential people in business, politics, entertainment, and other industries globally.

He’s an eight-time, best-selling, and award-winning author and has published over 60 research reports on the future of business, work, digital transformation, innovation, and industries such as retail, healthcare, financial services, insurance, and public sector. Whether it’s a technology or business event or an internal corporate summit, Brian brings a naturally engaging and entertaining message of clarity, meaning, and inspiration.

His blog,, is among the world’s leading business online resources. Brian also contributes to FastCompany, ZDNet, Techonomy, CIO, ADWEEK, and Singularity University

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Screw Business as Usual - This is the Real World.

Brian Solis: Implementing Technology and New Media in Business

The Future of CX and Business Model Innovation: The Rise of the ‘Generation-Novel,’ the Market's New Customer Segment.

Customers were already embracing digital rituals in every facet of their lives, but modern disruption in world affairs and the economy has expedited the rate at which customers of all types and ages have become digital-first. With the evolution of consumer habits comes adapted behaviors, preferences, and expectations, as well as a resetting of values and a willingness to experiment with other brands, retailers, and services.

In this session, Brian will …

  • Introduce Generation-N and their behaviors and characteristics changing the game for CX, business models, and products and services.
  • Humanize the new customer to inspire innovative strategies in CX, sales, service, and marketing, and business models.
  • Learn how human-centered design will help you build resilience as markets continue to shift and evolve in new directions.

Embracing a New Mindset for Leadership and Innovation. Welcome to the Novel Economy: Setting the Stage for a New Generation of Innovators. Welcome to the Novel Economy, a time without precedence or a playbook for navigating disrupted and uncharted paths forward. Novel means new and unusual and as such, we must reorganize for the next era of the economy and the role we want to play in it. The Novel Economy is ours to shape. This isn’t a “new normal” nor are we actually striving to the “next normal.” This is an interim normal. The distinction is important because this is an opportunity for reflection, change, and innovation. Focusing transformation toward a next normal can steer us toward mediocrity. This is a time to change the game in our favor by setting a new bar and the next standards for excellence in work, marketing, sales, and service. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event, our Ctrl-Alt-Del moment. Now’s the time to create the future we’ve always dreamed of. The future is a blank canvas. This is a time to learn and unlearn.

In this inspiring session, Brian will...

  • Share how we each play a role in the future of our organization.
  • How customers and our teams can learn from one another to open new doors and create new value to survive and thrive in the #NovelEconomy. 
  • Highlight market dynamics already taking place since March 2020. 
  • Introduce the three phases that define the next 36 months and break down how to organize digital transformation and digital innovation initiatives to drive resilience, relevance, and growth. 
    • Phase 1: Survive - Ensure business continuity.
    • Phase 2: Alive - Operationalize for transition while building for innovation.
    • Phase 3: Thrive - Iterating and innovating forward through agile, data-centric operational excellence and digital business model innovation.


Digital Darwinism. Leading and Winning the Business (R)evolution. What can we learn from some of the colossal mistakes we have seen a number of incumbent companies make? How do we survive and thrive in an era of digital Darwinism? And how did everything change so quickly?

Two major success factors are crystalized;

1. The rate and ability to embrace and enact digital transformation within the business, And

2. The development of leadership change-agents and influencers who champion innovation.

Brian presents this exciting and poignant keynote in a just-in-time session to ensure your business remains relevant in an ever-changing future. With a magnified focus on your specific industry, Brian will unpack:

  • The state and future of digital transformation and how it’s changing businesses at the very core
  • How to identify, lead and empower business mavericks and change-makers within your organization and across your industry
  • How incumbent companies are making mistakes and what you can do to avoid sealing your own fate in the same way
  • What you can do personally to change things for the better in your career and for your company

X: The Experience when Business Meets Design. Innovation in Customer Experience. X marks the spot! Brian Solis knows what it takes to be innovative. As the principal analyst studying technology and its impact on and after numerous success stories at the forefront of Fortune 500 companies and the tech/startup world there is no speaker better than Brian to welcome you to a new era of business.

In this progressive and captivating keynote Brian explains why the future of business is experiential, sharing his insider knowledge on how to create meaningful experiences. Audiences will discover:

  • What’s really at the heart of a great experience
  • How experiences become memories and how to connect to people’s hearts and minds
  • From Brand Experience (BX) to Customer Experience (CX) to User Experience (US) X: How to design experiences that start at the top and change how companies work, sell, and serve
  • How to design customer experiences that matter in a time of what Brian calls, "accidental narcissism"
  • How micro-moments are reshaping the new customer journey in each of the four moments of truth

Building a Dynamic and Adaptive Organization. Breaking away from rigid processes and risk-averse cultures.

“But this is the way it’s always been done.” - Said no successful entrepreneur ever

An idea is just an idea until it’s put into action and brought to life by people who share your vision and passion for changing the world. A world-changing idea has to not only be innovative; it has to disrupt the status quo. The challenge is to help people take their ideas shape them into something powerful. All too often though, organizations limit their ideas to that of iteration versus innovation. There’s a difference…

Iteration – Doing old things better
Innovation – Doing new things that create new value
Disruption – Doing new things that make the old things obsolete. 

In an entertaining, insightful and encouraging way Brian will:

  • Inspire the audience to shift perspective and learn to unlearn
  • Help the audience bring ideas to life that are innovative and maybe even disruptive
  • Teach and motivate people to believe in their own ideas and intuitions to challenge business as usual and unlock new opportunities

Hey Mr Futurist! WTF…? What’s The Future of…

As one of the world’s leading analysts and digital anthropologists, Brian studies how the evolution of technology, business, and culture impact specific industries. In this tailored keynote presentation Brian will specifically study your space and share his vision and experiences to help your organization understand and embrace the dynamics defining the rise of digital transformation, innovation, connected consumerism, digital lifestyles and important trends impacting your industry, including but certainly not limited to:

Business and Customer/Employee Experience  - Brian ties together the latest trends and developments in Brand/Digital/Omni/Mobile and Social. Design marketing strategies and campaigns that matter in a real-time, 'always-on' world.

Tech, Innovation and Silicon Valley - What is it about Silicon Valley that drives innovation and disruption, what’s the hot new tech and what’s the next big thing?!

Retail and e-Commerce - Brian re-imagines the world of shopping, payments and retail/e-tail for a digital world.

Leadership vs. Management - Learn how executives lead in roles from the top to bottom, to inspire a more passionate, loyal and profitable workforce.

Finance Services and Insurance - The future of banking, finance and insurance is so important. Learn from Brian’s in-depth studies centered deeply on UX (user experience).

Travel – Learn about the future of tourism, travel and experiences.


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