Nick Bilton

Special Correspondent at Vanity Fair, Former Lead Technology Writer for the New York Times, and Acclaimed Author
Nick Bilton
  • Future trends expert and best-selling author of “Hatching Twitter”
  • Revered journalist whose NYT reporting led to investigations by the Federal Trade Commission and Congress
  • Extremely visual speeches on the future of media, technology, and society

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Nick Bilton is a journalist, designer, UI specialist, technologist, author, hardware hacker, and researcher. He holds a position as a special correspondent at Vanity Fair and was formerly the New York Times’ technology and business columnist and the lead blogger for the paper’s Bits blog. He is also the author of the book, I Live in the Future & Here’s How It Works and Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal. Bilton has worked in numerous different industries within the context of design, research and development, technology, and storytelling—all with a focus on how technology is shaping our brains and lives. His presentations focus on the future of technology trends and how this evolution affects how we will do business in the future. He is a great choice for a forward-looking talk on innovation, media, technology, society, and generations (and how they fit into the workforce). He uses an extremely visual speech style, integrating video, slides, and interaction with the audience in order to engage his listeners and drive his message home.

Acclaimed Author. I Live in the Future & Here’s How It Works explores the effects our byte-sized culture is having on our brains—looking at key research taking place in neuroscience and memory labs around the world. He also explores how technology will affect our culture, work, and brains when we look two to 20 years out. Hatching Twitter looks at the beginnings of the social media giant, and through unprecedented access and exhaustive reporting, he provides an intimate portrait of the men who accidentally changed the world and what they learned along the way.

Bilton’s columns and articles for the New York Times have led to investigations by the Federal Trade Commission, the Department of Justice, and Congress. In late 2011, he began questioning the Federal Aviation Administration’s arcane rules banning Kindles and iPads during takeoff and landing, and his reporting helped push the FAA to initiate a committee reviewing its rules. Bilton writes regularly about Apple, Facebook, Twitter and Silicon Valley, and his columns have covered gun control, privacy, voting, free speech online, and digital culture.

The Future Guru. He was previously the design integration editor for the New York Times and the user interface specialist and researcher for The New York Times Company Research and Development Lab. There he worked on a variety of research projects and explored technologies that could become commonplace in the next two to 10 years. His work in the R&D Labs included exploring and prototyping content and interaction on futuristic flexible digital displays, a vast array of mobile applications and devices, the Times Reader 2.0, print-to-mobile SMS, Semacode integration, data visualization, content in the living room, and context-aware sensors.

His role required core research of upcoming trends, technologies and reader behaviors, and the development of future example prototypes. Some of these included “smart content,” where content followed the user around between devices, becoming aware of his or her location, interests, and previous news consumption. Additionally, Bilton is the co-founder of and NYCResistor. Bilton also is an adjunct professor at NYU/ITP (the interactive telecommunications program within the Tisch School of the Arts).

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Is Fake News About to Get More Real?

Nick Bilton: Using human behavior information to market to consumers

Future Consumers. How will you communicate with customers and tell stories about your industry in the next two or 20 years? How will our readiness to multitask and byte-sized culture have an effect on business and society? Nick Bilton reveals that organizations that stay on the cutting edge of the technology curve will have significant advantage getting their message across and building communities. In a presentation that is both visionary and practical, Bilton examines how the Internet is creating a new type of consumer, why social networks are essential anchoring tools, and how great storytelling and extended relationships will enable businesses to engage with customers in new ways. Bilton also shares a peek into emerging technologies—everything from flexible displays to telepresence to cars that drive themselves—that will change the way we work and live.

Big Data. Nick Bilton shares insights on big data, where the data is coming from, what wein are finding from the data, and the security aspects of this new source of information. In a customized presentation that features incredible visuals, he discusses what big data means to the future of his audience’s industry and how big data is changing how they do business. Combining his knowledge of larger future trends and the eye-opening insights on the power that big data holds, Bilton helps audiences understand not only the changes that are coming but how to get (and stay) ahead of the curve in order to capitalize on opportunities.

Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal. Nick Bilton shares the story of Twitter’s origin and discusses what business lessons can be gleaned from one of the most talked about IPOs in recent corporate history. He looks at the beginnings of the social media giant, and through unprecedented access, exhaustive reporting, and an insider’s perspective, he provides an intimate portrait of the men who accidentally changed the world, what they learned along the way, and how we can create some serendipity in our own organizations.

The Future of Media, Technology, and Society. The change in business and technology is accelerating at such a rapid pace that it no longer works to passively keep up with the shift in how business is done. Organizations must be proactive. From how we consume media and the business opportunities that will exist in creating advertising experiences in virtual reality to wearable and ingestible computing that will enable us to become more mobile, more educated, and more informed than ever before, Nick Bilton uses incredible stories and visuals to look at the future of media, technology, and society and how those shifts will affect organizations in the near future and what they can do today to take advantage of the change to come.

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