Cecilia MoSze Tham

Co-Founder of FutureFunded, Entrepreneur, Activist, Singularity University Fellow and Ambassador
Cecilia MoSze Tham
  • Mentored at Google Launchpad, Startupbootcamp IoT & Data, Numa, and Harvard Innovation Lab
  • Former Product Strategy Expert at Google Developers Group and a certified Google Sprint Master
  • Senior adjunct faculty at Parsons New School Global Executive Master for Strategic Design and Management

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Cecilia joined Alpha Telefonica in 2018, a moonshot factory to make the world a better place, as the Senior Social technologist and Futures Synthesist, matching deep tech technology to solve global challenges with viable business models for the future. She is a serial entrepreneur, founder of multiple companies such as MOB, Makers of Barcelona, a collaborative co-working community, FabCafe, a new concept that brings digital fabrication tools to the everyday environment of a coffee shop. Her latest venture allwomen.tech, an AI training school for women by women to build the next generation of women and tech.  

Cecilia was a fellow at the prestigious and highly selective Global Solution Programs at Singularity University 2017 focused on applying exponential technologies in finding impactful and meaningful solutions for global challenges at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View California. She was also the Singularity University Barcelona Chapter Ambassador.

Cecilia received her master as an architect at Harvard University and a degree in biology at Emory University. She is the recipient of the prestigious Wheelwright Travelling Fellowship as well as the Faculty Design Award by Harvard University. Currently, Cecilia is a senior adjunct faculty at Parsons New School Global Executive Master for Strategic Design and Management and visiting faculty for the Social Innovation Program at Toulouse Business School.   

Cecilia was a product strategy expert at Google Developers Group and a certified Google Sprint Master. She has mentored at Google Launchpad, Startupbootcamp IoT & Data, Numa and Harvard Innovation Lab. She served on various executive boards of advisors such as Barcelona Global, SWAN (Womens Angels Network) as well as for the City Government of Barcelona. Cecilia was the Design Ambassador at Hotel W.

Cecilia is a 5-times TEDx speaker, and has given talks at World Mobile Congress, Smart City Expo, IAM Fest, Challengers, SHIFT, Open FAD and 4YFN. Cecilia was a regular contributor to the newspaper L'Econòmic. Cecilia has been awarded the Creative Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 by the Creative Net. Her publication “Hackable Cities” written together with her students at Parsons New School has won the Design for Well Being Award 2015. Cecilia has been mentioned in media such as CNBC, El Periodico, Skyword, Monocle, La Vanguardia, The Australian, and Expansion. Cecilia has served on the board of advisor to city government of Barcelona. She was recently named Forbes top 40 Futurists in Spain and listed among Europe's top 100 most influential women. Cecilia is now serving on the board of advisor for SXSW 2022 and 2023.

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Speaker Video

Cecilia Tham | The whole foods | The Love Behind Food

The Age of Autonomous Commerce| Cecilia MoSze Tham, ALPHA Telefonica | GIFLondon 2019

The power of us | Cecilia Tham | TEDxBarcelona

The Magic of Makers : Cecilia Tham at TEDxESADE

Cecilia Tham (CEO @ Makers Of Barcelona) at Startup Grind Barcelona

The Age of Autonomous Commerce…  

in which a startup finds the next trillion, the climate is cured, and machines get legal personhood.

Autonomous commerce (aCommerce) gives money - and the ability to spend and earn it - to machines.   It is to artificial intelligence what electronic commerce was to PCs, and mobile commerce to smartphones. Like previous digital waves, aCommerce is tiny now, but will transform industry and the economy by making transactions frictionless. aCommerce will capture both financial and non-financial values (like CO2 footprint), to mitigate environmental and social costs of today's economic system.

The Far Future of Food

For most of history and for most people, food served a singular purpose: sustenance. But our relationship with food is changing, and it has definitely gone far and beyond survival. We eat for energy, nutrition, tradition, craving, novelty, pleasure and even boredom.   And that's because food is what connects us to our needs, our emotions, our culture, our family/friends, our environment, our health, and even our cognition.   Technologies are giving us new capabilities, like the ability to decouple cells from animals for cultured meat.  How might decoupling (and re-coupling) food in the future look like?  What new recombinants can we expect and how will they infiltrating our farms, our kitchen, our restaurants even our bodies? 

Humanity in the age of Radical Converging Technology. With the shifting of power and an increase access to resources, how can we as individuals and as collectives, as communities and as nation states, leverage our ever-growing extent of the most advance exponential technology, to change our mindset, our behaviors, our actions and our contributions for a better self and a better future? 

  • The Power of Makers
  • Open Innovation
  • Why We Should Stop Working and Start Making
  • Future of Work + Collaboration
  • Future of Manufacturing
  • Future of Learning
  • Exponential Communities
  • Metamorphosis 2.0
  • Impact on Exponential Technologies
  • Diversity
  • Extreme Making and Prototyping Workshop
  • Google Sprint Workshop

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