Charlie Rodman

Whisk(e)y Specialist, Educator, and Consultant
Speaker Charlie Rodman
  • Brings together histories, brands, and product specifications to turn tastings into experiences
  • Collaborates with guests or corporations to create a bespoke thematic curriculum and paired tasting
  • Former head of consumer strategy for Pernod Ricard USA's Premium Whisky Portfolio
  • Featured in Forbes and a regular guest speaker on a number of whisk(e)y podcasts

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Charlie Rodman is an expert in consumer behavior and has used these insights to craft the brand stories for a number of iconic global whisk(e)y brands. So he understands the power of storytelling to elevate a glass of whisky from a beverage into an experience. Blending rich histories from around the world of whisky with personal anecdotes of sipping whiskies around the world with renowned industry personalities, Charlie distills his years of working in the spirits industry into a bespoke masterclass.  Having sampled and catalogued thousands of drams, he will profile your palate then curate a curriculum paired with a befitting selection of whiskies to take you on an unforgettable whisky journey, while teaching how to get the most out of your drinks long after the session ends.

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Around the World of Whisk(e)y

Whisk(e)y in truth is just fermented grain distilled and, typically, aged.  But from three base ingredients – grain, yeast, and water – a rich, diverse set of histories and a thriving contemporary culture have emerged in this most refined spirit.  You will learn proper tasting methods and tactics for comparison, accompanied by a live tasting (where permissible).  But, because spirits are a convivial element of socializing, and are heightened by a good story, you will learn what makes each regional whisk(e)y unique, its history, and the trends guiding what is happening in that industry at present.  This will enable you to appreciate the whiskies in new ways, while bringing home a new understanding to guide your next pour.

Note: Fee includes a consultation to arrange a list of whiskies to accompany the course tailored to the tastes and experience level of the audience

From Passion to Profits

Charlie’s career has been seemingly non-linear: from hedge fund research analyst, to consultant, on into various facets of the beverage industry.  But while it may look non-linear from the outside, each step was intensely considered and experientially informed – guided by a close, conscious investigation of what provided excitement and fulfillment in work, which aspects were motivating versus depleting, and envisioning what a successful versus a failed career would look like in retrospect.  The purpose of this session is to provide participants with a framework for unlocking how to tie their personal interests into their professional pursuits to not only be a better worker, but a happier one.  Charlie will reference his own experiences in first identifying his true passion then turning that into a career, to help you get the most out of your work life. 

Note: Where permissible, the presentation can be accompanied by a tasting to provide enhanced sensory allusion of the points being made and to promote multisensory associative recall of the presentation’s contents.

Your Bespoke Beverage Experience

Are you interested in a specific subset of the world of whisk(e)y?  Charlie’s broad experience across the world of whisk(e)y and in working with personalities from all facets of the industry empower him to create a completely bespoke, one-of-a-kind experience to suit your interest.  It could be something as broad as “pairing whiskies with food” to something more nuanced like “exploring the taste impact of different conflagrants in making smoked whisk(e)y” or something more novel and conceptual like “sampling whiskies that connote our corporate identity.”  Charlie will work directly with you to design a spirited curriculum that will plum the depths of your category of interest in a lively, interactive, and fun atmosphere that can be as fun, or as formal, as desired.

Note: Fully bespoke presentations will require an additional $1,500 for consultation and production of custom materials

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