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Darren McBurnett

United States Navy SEAL (RET.)
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    Darren McBurnett (SEAL) Ret. is a combat veteran and diverse, multi-faceted operator. As a SEAL platoon leader and senior enlisted advisor, he deployed numerous times into combat zones in four U.S. operational theaters. He participated in Operation Iraq Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom, Kosovo crisis, Liberia, and Operation Inherent Resolve. With a 24-year career as a United States Navy SEAL, he trained and operated with multiple SEAL teams to include SEAL Team Two, SEAL Team Four, SEAL Team Eight, SEAL Team One, SEAL Team Three, and SDV (SEAL Delivery Vehicle). He also developed military free fall courses of instruction for Advanced SEAL Tactical Operations Command and John F. Kennedy Army Special Forces Operational Command, training over 400 U.S. special forces operators from all four military branches of service. He spent two years deployed in the Middle East with a Joint Special Operations Task Force working with U.S. SOF in support of all U.S. engagements in the region. He was a member of the U.S. Navy Parachute Team and an instructor at the Naval Special Warfare Basic Underwater Demolition School. Throughout his distinguished Naval service, he received 49 individual, unit, and campaign honors, including a Bronze Star.

    Over his time spent operating as a SEAL, he obtained six Navy job designators: NEC-5320 Basic Combat Swimmer, NEC-5326 Combatant Swimmer SEAL Special Warfare Operator, NEC-8492 Special Operations Technician, NEC-0812 Small Arms Marksmanship Instructor, NEC-5392 Naval Special Warfare Medic, and NEC-9554 Master Naval Parachutist.

    McBurnett also acquired an extensive list of qualifications which directly led to mission success with every SEAL team of which he was a part and every mission he was on. These include: Range Safety Officer in Charge for Close Quarters Combat/Static, Live Fire and Maneuver; Basic Airborne Parachutist; Special Operations Combat Medic; Special Operations Technician; SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape); Diving Supervisor Open Circuit and LAR V (Closed Circuit); Special Forces Diving Medical Technician; Military Freefall Parachutist (HAHO/HALO); Military Freefall Parachutist Instructor; Military Freefall Parachutist Instructor Trainer Evaluator; Static Line Jumpmaster; Military Freefall Jumpmaster; Advanced Military Freefall Parachutist; Vertical Assault Lead Climber; EMT Basic; EMT-P Paramedic; Naval Special Warfare (SEAL) Air Operations Trainer; Naval Special Warfare (SEAL) Air Operations Trainer/Examiner; and Drop Zone Safety Officer in Charge and HRST Cast Master.

    Over the years, McBurnett has become an accomplished photographer and speaker. His professional photography portfolio includes work for NIKE, Wilcox, Surefire, Team Wendy, HK, Aim-Point, Forged, and National Geographic. His work has appeared on Fox News, CNN, and Mad Money and in Rolling Stone, Bella Donna, and Skillset magazines. McBurnett was also the primary in-air photographer for the movie Act of Valor. His photography has raised over $500,000 and counting for operators’ family members who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our nation’s freedom.

    His message is not only motivational and inspiring on a corporate level, but also promotes individual and personal growth navigating in our ever changing adverse environment where critical decision-making and leadership skills are absolutely vital for success. His visually breathtaking multimedia presentation highlights the untapped potential and Never Quit intestinal drive that is the cornerstone of Navy SEAL success and shares the defining characteristics that promote leadership and sacrifice in the SEAL Teams.

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