Derrick McManus

Former Australian Police Sniper, Expert on Human Performance
Derrick McManus
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Derrick McManus epitomises achievement and defying all odds and is backed by University research into the Durability of Human Performance. McManus was an Australian Police Sniper, Diver and Counter-Terrorist operative when he was shot 14 times in less than 5 seconds, lying on the ground for three hours before he could be rescued. Doctors don’t know how he survived and predicted he would never return to work.

McManus’ team was tasked to arrest a high-risk offender.  The offender started shooting and McManus himself was the target.  The 14 bullets ripped into his body, shattering bones, severing arteries and tearing through organs.  The first doctor to get to McManus in the field said, “When I first saw him I thought he was already dead … I actually don’t know how he survived, he’s an amazing human being”. McManus clearly recounts the 14 bullets, the three hours on the ground and the years of rehabilitation.  It is sometimes heart wrenching, sometimes hilarious but always an absorbing story of determination to survive, set goals, build personal belief and overcome challenges and changes.

In McManus’ line of work, his ability to respond decisively and positively to challenge, make decisions and take action under pressure and lead his team in high-risk and uncertain times make are the difference between success and failure.

All medical predictions said that he would struggle to merely walk properly and he would never return to work. The fact that McManus defied all the odds and made a full return as a Sniper, Diver and Counter-terrorist operative is pure inspiration alone.

Earlier in his career,  McManus  was awarded the inaugural SA Police Bravery Medal for his actions when he and his partner wrestled a gun from the hands of a man intent on shooting them. During the fight, McManus put his thumb between the hammer and body of the pistol to prevent it firing - potentially saving his partners and his own life.

McManus has now developed a world first philosophy of ‘Durability of Human Performance’, which goes well beyond resilience.  His distinction between resilience and durability is so significant that the School of Psychology; University of South Australia is collaborating with him in research. Durability of Human Performance is about being able to sustain optimum performance under pressure. Durability is cutting edge research into human psychology and performance. 

If you want a purely inspirational presentation of achievement over adversity –McManus’ story is one of the best you will ever hear. If you want your audience to gain more self-awareness and self-belief, make decisions and take action when the pressure is on, to set goals or just overcome the adversities of life and work – McManus is the man to help your people to develop durability and sustain their optimum performance under any pressure.

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