Gabrielle Hase

Digital Commerce Strategy Consultant, Branding and Retail Expert

Gabrielle Hase

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Gabrielle Hase is a London-based digital commerce strategy consultant. An experienced and innovative entrepreneur, Gabrielle has broad experience in all aspects of eCommerce, direct marketing and strategic brand management. Since moving from the US ten years ago, Gabrielle set up Soleberry Advisory and has worked with leading consumer brands on building their online presence and increasing market share.

Gabrielle’s achievements include managing leading leisure brand Sweaty Betty’s global eCommerce business; accelerating L.K Bennett’s domestic and international online sales and launching, which opened an entirely new route to market for the European retailer.

Gabrielle is in demand as a keynote speaker and as a conference chair. Recent conferences include FutuRetail, Ecommerce Futures, Retail Bulletin and Ecommerce UK. Gabrielle also mentors startups in leading London incubators.

Gabrielle is a Non-Executive Director for two retail technology businesses which sit at the heart of the multi-channel customer journey. Combined with her operational experience working with retail brands, these roles offer Gabrielle a unique perspective on what the customer needs today and how their demands are changing the way retailers and brands compete in the market. She also sits on the Board of Tate Enterprises, the commercial arm of Tate Galleries, where her experience helps the cultural institution reach new and different audiences via its online presence.

Gabrielle received an MBA from The Wharton School of Business.


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The Low Cost of High Touch Companies are investing in technology with the aim of reducing friction, , creating a scalable, cost-effective business model that allows customers to be self-serve and reduces the need for human (read: costly) interaction.  But the real winners in this landscape are those businesses who invest more, not less, in giving customers access to living, breathing, knowledgeable humans who can offer guidance and insight in a way that we need now more than ever before. 

Curation is the ‘New Black’ With more and more information at our fingertips, the Paradox of Choice has never been more obvious than it is now, and today's multi-channel customer has access to literally thousands of options for any one thing they are looking for.  And while Artificial Intelligence is helping to personalize this experience, consumers are increasingly seeking an edited, curated way to shop, and are placing more value than ever on the old-fashioned idea of getting someone else’s opinion. 

Divided by a Common Language America is sometimes referred to as the graveyard where great British brands go to die. Taking the British show on the road is a tantalizing temptation for brands and retailers who have achieved success in the UK but who seek the great growth opportunities in the vast US market.  This presentation takes a look at some of the misconceptions and challenges that companies face when considering the US, revisits the myth that so few succeed, and offers some insight into how to navigate the voyage.

The Outspoken Token As a female navigating her way through a non-traditional portfolio career, I’ve had with some interesting, enlightening and sometimes heartbreaking experiences as one of the few women in the room.  This conversation recounts my experiences working with many companies, from small start-ups to global enterprises, and how the female experience is being redefined in different ways across each. 

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