James Bannerman

Leading Authority on Business Innovation & Creativity
James Bannerman
  • Past clients include Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, British Airways, and Unilever
  • Author of two books Genius! and Business Genius! which have been translated into Chinese, Italian, and Japanese
  • Prior to his business career was a platinum-selling songwriter, cartoonist, and psychotherapist

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James Bannerman is a lateral thinking specialist who combines creativity with psychology to help businesses innovate.

As an innovation consultant and international speaker he has worked with multiple organisations across the globe from Aston Martin to British Airways, Disney to Rolls-Royce and Schroders to Unilever, as well as at the National Space Centre on a mission to Mars.

He also lectures on business innovation, creativity and enterprise on the MBA programmes at Warwick Business School and Oxford Brookes University where he is currently completing a PhD on the impact of lateral thinking upon organisational performance.

Prior to working in business he was a platinum-selling songwriter, a freelance cartoonist eg. Punch, a trained clinical psychotherapist, and he has an M.A. Hons in English Literature from Edinburgh University.

James is also the best-selling author of 2 books: Genius! Deceptively Simple Ways to Become Instantly Smarter and Business Genius! Deceptively Simple Ways to Sharpen Your Business Thinking (Pearson), which have gone on to be translated into multiple languages around the world from Chinese to Japanese, and Italian to Thai.

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Innovative Business ThinkingIn the modern world, virtually all businesses need to innovate, and keep innovating, if they want to survive and thrive. With this in mind, this insightful, inspirational and interactive session by James Bannerman – the best-selling author of Genius! and Business Genius! - is designed to help attendees think more laterally, in order to spark new ideas and new solutions.

Creative LeadershipIncreasingly, effective leaders realise that ‘creative thinking’ skills are pivotal for building competitive advantage, inspiring higher-level performance, and fostering a culture and climate that supports, rather than stifles, workplace innovation. Against this backdrop, this ‘creative leadership’ session will show leaders how to unlock their creative potential and explore alternative ways, and additional ways, to motivate and engage their people.

Genius ThinkingWhen most people think about ‘genius’ they think about geniuses, like Mozart, Leonardo da Vinci, and Einstein. This practical session, however, highlights how all of us have ‘genius moments’ from time to time, and with the help of powerful lateral thinking techniques, we can learn to have more. As a result, attendees will find it easier to achieve improved performance in business by working smarter rather than harder.

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