Jane Park

CEO and Founder, Tokki; Entrepreneur

Speaker Jane Park
  • Venture-backed CEO and nationally recognized expert in consumer brand building, social commerce, and entrepreneurship
  • Former CEO/Founder of Julep, Starbucks Executive and Boston Consulting Group leader who understands how to leverage consumer insight to drive impact and innovation
  • Energizes audiences by intertwining her hard-earned leadership lessons with her personal history as the daughter of immigrants who are surviving family separation in the aftermath of the Korean War
  • Experienced storyteller & top performer on QVC

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An engaging and dynamic speaker, Jane Park is the CEO and Founder of Tokki, a social & sustainable gifting technology company. Merging reusable physical giftwrap with a digital social experience, Tokki is reinventing gift giving to make the experience unforgettable. 

Prior to founding Tokki, Ms. Park was the CEO and Founder of Julep, an on-line first beauty brand now distributed nationally at Ulta stores as well as on QVC and Nordstrom. A disruptor in the beauty space, Julep innovated rapidly by co-creating with its customers through social media and personalizing offerings to each subscriber. Ms. Park successfully raised over $50MM in venture capital financing from Sillicon Valley firms, including Andreessen Horowitz, and led Julep to a private equity exit in 2016 to beauty rollup funded by Warburg Pincus.

Ms. Park was also an executive at Starbucks in the New Ventures division where she launched new consumer businesses. She was also a leader at the Boston Consulting Group in the Retail and Consumer Goods practice group, and a founding director of the CEO Forum for Education and Technology with luminaries such as Steve Jobs (CEO Apple) and Eckhard Pfeiffer (CEO Compaq). Ms. Park holds a JD from Yale Law School and an AB in Public and International Affairs from Princeton University.

A nationally recognized expert in consumer brand building and social commerce, Ms. Park regularly appears on television as well as consumer, technology, and women’s leadership conferences.

Jane Park connects powerfully with audiences by sharing her personal history as the immigrant daughter of Korean parents who started school without speaking any English.  She is the daughter of an orphan who was separated from his parents at age nine when the border between North and South Korea was established, leaving him in the South and his parents in the North. To this date, neither she nor her parents have seen her relatives in the North.  

Board Experience

  • Julep – Board of Directors (2007 – 2019)
    • Julep Board of Directors included Spencer Rascoff, CEO Zillow, Jeff Jordan, Former CEO PayPal and Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, Jeff Kearl, CEO Stance.  
  • Washington State Opportunity Scholarship – Board of Directors (Feb 2015 – present)
    • WASOS Board includes Brad Smith, President Microsoft, Jim Senegal, Founder Costco.


  • Yale Law School, Juris Doctorate, 1996          
  • Princeton University, AB, Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy and International Affairs, 1993, Summa Cum Laude

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Entrepreneuring Your Life: A two-time entrepreneur, Jane Park believes that, “You are the CEO of your life.” As one of a select handful of venture backed CEOs, Park shares the lessons of achieving outsized growth that are useful to all of us as individuals and leaders of teams. In this presentation, you will learn actionable entrepreneurial practices to fuel your next level of growth, including learning from rapid “A/B” testing, knowing when you are “minimally viable product,” banishing shame, and establishing your own Board of Advisors.

Finding Your Voice: As a four-year old immigrant child finding herself dropped off at kindergarten without knowing any English, Jane Park didn’t have a voice. “I was wearing another girl’s pants from the lost and found when my mom picked me up because I wet my own because I didn’t know how to ask to go to the bathroom,” she recalls. Since then, Park struggled against the stereotypes of the quiet Asian model minority while attending Ivy League schools, working at BCG, Starbucks then starting two companies. Through it all, she has learned that finding and speaking in your one, true voice in all areas of your life is the key to unleashing your personal power. In this presentation, Park shares actionable steps for leaning into your own true voice and activating your personal power at work and beyond. 

Growing Resilience: From her experience as a two-time entrepreneur, Jane Park has learned that “failure doesn’t turn into lessons all by itself, it’s takes hard work!” In this presentation, Park will share actionable steps to seek out failure, turn them into lessons, and grow your resilience so you can take on the bigger risks that lead to transformational growth. “If you haven’t failed recently, you’ve either stopped growing or you’re a murderous dictator,” observes Park, “and either way you should try something new.”

Circles of Grief: Actionable Allyship in a Crazy World. How do we support our BIPOC colleagues when they are struggling through wave after wave of racist violence? Jane Park argues that that the “Silk-Goldman Ring Theory,” offered first as a framework for conversations about cancer, is a powerful theory guiding actionable allyship. Drawing concentric rings with the person experiencing the trauma at the center, with communities closest to the person closer in the rings, the simple rule is:  Comfort IN, Dump OUT. Park draws parallels between metastatic cancer and metastatic racism, providing real-world advice for how to build bridges of empathy.   

Changing behavior: Seeing good to bring out the good. As a parent of two young children and first time venture-backed entrepreneur, Jane Park stumbled across Yale Child Psychologist Alan Kadzi’s Parent Management System and began using it at work to miraculous results. “When you see the good, you bring out the good,” Park says, “but even more importantly, it changed the way I saw the world.  When you look for the good, you see more good.” In this presentation, Park will provide actionable advice to become a stronger leader by focusing on eradicating harmful behaviors by rewarding behaviors that are inconsistent with the negative ones. It’s a simple but transformative practice that will change the way you lead and love.

Your Energy Is Your Most Valuable Currency: “As a CEO, my most vital job is to fill up the energy reserves of my team, my customers and my Board,” says Jane Park, two-time entrepreneur and a successful venture-backed CEO. Learn how everything for Park changed when she started valuing her role as an energy giver and began prioritizing her work and home life to enable her to achieve this role to its full potential.

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